Monuments of Victoria in Pisces

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Queen Victoria Memorial has both astrogeographic coordinates in Pisces photo: Diego Delso, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

Monuments of Victoria in Pisces

Monuments of Victoria in Pisces. Astrology & Places: Zeus, Buddha, King Arthur, Abe Lincoln, Queen Victoria Monuments & Mystification in Pisces

Monuments and places of the mystification of victory and success with both coordinates in Pisces: Lincoln Memorial, Mount Olympus in Pisces, The Mahabodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, Glastonbury Abbey,  

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Queen Victoria Memorial in London

The Victoria Memorial is a monument to Queen Victoria located at the end of The Mall and in front of Buckingham Palace in London. It was designed and executed by British sculptor Sir Thomas Brock (born 1 March 1847 with the Sun and 3 more planets in Pisces) and unveiled on 16 May 1911 with Mars in Pisces.

For a detailed description of the various single sculptures and embodiments depicted in the whole ensemble mostly sculpted from white marble (like Lincoln Memorial) see the  wiki article. The central statue of Queen Victoria enthroned is facing the Mall and the City of London to the north-east of the monument. The depicted embodiments are Victory, Constancy, Courage, Truth, Justice, Motherhood, Peace, Progress, Agriculture and Manufacture.

Queen Victoria Memorial has both astrogeographic coordinates in Pisces photo: Diego Delso, License CC-BY-SA 3.0
Victoria Memorial has both astrogeographical resonance coordinates in Pisces. Queen Victoria is presented in a sitting position underneath an angelic version of the Roman goddess of victory with wings points out that Queen Victoria was a personification of victory, triumph and success. The direct transfer of the association of the goddess onto the queen has to be examined as a reflex supported by the position of the statue in Pisces. ph: Diego Delso, CC-BY-SA 4.0

Astrogeographical position of the Queen Victoria Memorial for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of site of the monument itself: both coordinates are located in spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of re-connection with the spiritual plane, the dream world, mystification, fairy tales, illusions and  temples. Pisces appears here as an ideal place for mystification and re-connection with the spiritual impacts and associations of historical and mythological figures.

Considerations regarding the correspondence of the climax phase of the British Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria: the maritime (Pisces) super-power of the British Colonial Empire reached its largest extension (Pisces as the sign of the largest of all spaces: universal space), globalization (Pisces as the sign of supra-national concerns and the loss of identity) and escalation (Pisces as the sign of the dissolution of limits like in the delta of rivers).

The contrast with the Maria Theresia Memorial in Vienna

For evaluation of the double Pisces position of Victoria Memorial I suggest looking at the contrast between the Victoria Memorial and the Maria Theresia Memorial in Vienna.

Maria Theresia Denkmal Wien
Maria Theresia Memorial in Vienna, Austria has one coordinate right on the royal degrees at the end of royal fire sign Leo and in Aquarius the sign of the aspect of human self-responsibility and emancipation. The absence of a deity and the focus on the personification of the empress in the very center seems to emphasize the focus on the personality of the Bwag, ccbysa4.0

The Victory Column in Berlin

Goddess Victoria on top of Victory Column at its original site on Königsplatz/Place of the Republic, Berlin with both coordinates in Pisces for 360 m square zones in my astrological geomantical system – see: Astrologischer Stadtplan Berlin published 2003

In my astrogeomantical field studies I first came across the element of mystification of victory and success at a site with both coordinates in Pisces in the case of the first site of the Berlin Victory Column which originally was situated at the Place of the Republic in front of the Reichstag Building but was later removed by Hitler and Speer who placed it at a site at 0°Taurus (Sun in Hitler`s birth chart) and in Scorpio. The Berlin Victory Column has a sculpture of the goddess Victoria on top as well.