Poseidons Birth Place near Kiveri

Poseidons Birth Place near Kiveri

Astrology, and the Birth Places of Gods: Poseidons Birth Place near Kiveri

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The Temple of Poseidon looking south above the Aegean Sea at Cape Sounion (not at Kiveri) is located in Sagittarius with Aquarius photo: AntonyB, ccbysa4.0

Poseidon the god of the sea is also referred to as the “Earth-Shaker” due to his role as the causer of earthquakes or else the “tamer of horses”. Poseidon is depicted as an older male with curly hair and beard. He was the second son of Uranus` children the titans Cronus and Rhea. There are a number of different legends about his birth.

Poseidon sculpture of Cape Artemision, bronze statue, 460 BC  

An important legend about Poseidon`s birth place sees in on Peleponnesos south of the small town the town of Kiveri at a site where a sweetwater spring actually an underwater river flows into the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The site of this spring is called Mikros Anavalos (data source).

Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the exact location of Poseidon`s birth place: for field level 4 the site is located right in the centre of highly profitable, solid, fixed earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth, grounding, agriculture, market places and food. As Taurus is an indicator for solid ground and soil it represents of course no indicator for the god of the sea. If Poseidon had actually been born in Taurus his daomain in Pisces and his kingdom in the sea are rather to be seen as places of exile for him, where he ruled because the richer, more fertile grounds on dry land were in possession of other powerful rulers.

The second coordinate of the site is located in the last degree of dynamic mental fire sign Sagittarius and right next to the cardinal divide between Sagittarius and hierarchical strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of control and government institutions. Sagittarius is the sign and home of Jupiter (or Zeus) Poseidon´s main rival for the supremacy among the gods.  In astrology  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn or Chronos – Poseidon`s father who according to the myths ate his children in fear of future rivals. The astrogeographical position would therefore indicate that Poseidon`s birth occured at a place where his rights and survival were intensely threatened.

But If we leave the personal level of potentially problematic issues with the rulers of  the place aside the highly profitable, expansive and auspiscious combination of Taurus with Sagittarius and highly dominant, exclusive and socially important Capricorn is a positive indication for a socially and even politically successful career of Poseidon.

Astrogeographic position for field level 2 which describes how the area near the small town of Kiveri is embedded in the Peleponneses peninsula: the area around Kiveri is located in mystic spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the ocean which in astrology is the natural sign of rulership of Poseidon and his roman successor Neptune. Pisces is the indicator here for the fact that the site is located on the shore. The second coordinate falls in highly profitable earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth, grounding, agriculture, food, wealth and possession of safe and dry land. The factor Taurus seems to be grounding Poseidon on dry land here – something which must have been considered as really difficult.

This constellation indicates that the birth place of Poseidon falls in a part of the coast of Peleponnese where the sign of solid ground and food supply (Taurus) meets with the sign of the ocean`s  mystical worlds and the spiritual plane.

On the competion between Poseidon and Zeus

For an astrological investigation the competion between Poseidon and Zeus – Neptune and Jupiter includes the question of the differentiation between Pisces (spiritual plane) and Sagittarius (mental plane) and also between deeper investigation and bourgeois patterns of apparent success in the astrological scene and. I`m really deeply into these questions – but want to say that first of all we need to differentiate between imagined correspondencies which are our own subjective views where we reflect ourselves rather than the astrological topic and archetypal core points behind the systemical meaning of the single signs and planets.

In the systemical relationships of the signs as defined by the 12 -fold zodiac Pisces and Sagittarius lie in a square angle to each other. That means they do not represent hamonious and friendly but conflicting and competing aspects.

The astrological problem behind the competition between Zeus and Poseidon includes questions from the competion between pseudo-classical and modern astrology. Before the discovery of Neptune in astrological interpretation Jupiter ruled both spheres the sphere of Pisces (spirituality) as well as the sphere of Sagittarius (priesthood, human knowledge). That included the inability to differentiate between the imagined reality (Sagittarius) and the awareness of aspects of reality beyond mental knowledge, words and limitations (Pisces). The god of house 9 (Sagittarius) – aka the winner in the material world – overshadowed the reality of house 12 (Pisces) including the unknown, unconscious, invisible, socially unaccepted, suppressed and unprofitable aspects of reality.

The Temple of Poseidon looking south above the Aegean Sea at Cape Sounion (not at Kiveri) is located in Sagittarius with Aquarius. copyright: Kuno Lechner, GNU/FDL