Top 20 Restaurants worldwide in astrology

Top 20 Restaurants worldwide in astrologyy & astrogeography. Astrology of cooking, lifestyle, gourmet – cuisine: The best restaurants in astrogeography

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Modern restaurant culture requires a number of faculties: knowledge, experience, creativity, quality management and control, subtle sense of smell, a taste for style, design and decoration, hospitality, service orientation, open-mindedness and much more. The astrogeographical position of a restaurant explains which of these aspects is particularly stimulated by the energetical conditions of the construction site.

Astrologically we could use that to consider whether or not or in which way it is harmonious with our own natal chart or the person we want to take out for dinner to find out if it stimulates our relationships, income, inspiration or other fields of life.

Top 20 Restaurants worldwide in astrology

The astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the site of a restaurant can serve as indicators to explain and understand the major topics, energetic situation and atmosphere of the place. The following list offers an overview of the positions of the best quality restaurants on our planet in a particular year according to “The World`s 50 Best Restaurants Academy”. The “Academy” is run by William Reed Business media with its seat in Broadfield Park in London. Its office is located the combination of air sign Libra with earth sign Capricorn (combination of service orientation, aristocracy, decoration, harmony, appeal for higher culture (Libra) with control, exclusiveness, rules, strictness, faculty, conservative culture representing two of the most frequent resonating signs of the restaurants and also the resonating signs of the Empirial City of London.

The legendary “Casa del General” (El Bulli) was the first No.1 in the World’s Best 50 Restaurants and stayed in the Top 3 for 10 consecutive years between 2002 and 2010. The places was located in Aquarius with Capricorn.
ph: Michael Pfeiffer , GFDL

“Casa del General” (next to El Bulli) was a Michelin 3-star restaurant run by chef Ferran Adrià in Cala Montjoi near Salvador Dali`s former living place Cadaqués on the spanish side of the French-Spanish border. The restaurant was located in the astrogeographical combination of solid, conservative, strict earth sign Capricorn with creative, innovative air sign Aquarius.

2014 – Jupiter between Cancer and Leo

Astrogeographic positions of the Top 20 restaurants in the world
Astrogeographic positions of the Top 20 restaurants in the world in 2014 – Libra (service, harmony) and Capricorn (control, exclusiveness) as leaders

2015 – Jupiter between Leo and Virgo

Astrogeographic positionjs of the Top 20 Restaurants in 2015
Astrogeographic positions of the Top 20 Restaurants in 2015: Capricorn took the lead from Libra because Alinea the “house of decoration” disappeard from the Top 20 list

2016 – Jupiter between Virgo and Libra

Libra (harmony, beauty, decoration) has taken the lead from Capricorn (control, training, discipline, exclusiveness) – Taurus the sign of food itself, appetite, hunger, mainstream and quantity at the bottom. 

Top 20 restaurants worldwide in 2016: Libra (harmony, beauty, decoration) has taken the lead from Capricorn (control, training, discipline) – Taurus the sign of food at the bottom 

2017 – Jupiter between Libra and Scorpio

Scorpio (sculpting, visualization, imaging, alchemy) joined Aquarius (creativity, innovation, inspiration, purification) to take the lead. Virgo (smell, health, herbs) looses its importance.

Top 20 restaurants worldwide in 2017: Scorpio (sculpting, visualization, imaging, alchemy) joined Aquarius (creativity, innovation, inspiration, purification) to take the lead.

2019 – Jupiter between Sagittarius and Capricorn

Top 20 restaurants worldwide in 2019: Aries (action, speed, sporty competition, stimulus) overtook its opposite sign Libra (openness, service orientation, harmony, balance, decoration, beauty, aristocracy, relationship) and Virgo (smell, health, herbs) too lost its importance.

Aries (action, speed, sporty competition, stimulus) took the leading place from Libra (openness, service orientation, harmony, balance, decoration, beauty, aristocracy, relationship). As a former leader on the list Libra seems out of date in the competition for the stars de cuisine.

Astrology and the Top 20 Restaurants in the world – what the positions of the leading restaurants in 2014 and 2015 might suggest

Not unexpectedly at all Libra is the most frequent coordinate for the best quality gourmet restaurants of the year 2014. Libra represents the archetype of service orientation. And yes that`s why Libra is the sign of angels. This is the biggest strength and of course also weakness of this sign. Libra is the door for perception and the opening in our mental system. This orientation is the reason why Libra is the sign of love and all other kinds of relationships, of opening up to others and of openness in general. For restaurant owners in Libra this means that it supports opening up to the needs, wishes and wellbeing of their guests. It may not always look like it – but we can assume that any restaurant owner would be less concerned with how her/his guests feel if the place is not in Libra.  This even explains why Libra supports the reflex to beautify and decorate ourselves and the surroundings.

No. 4:  11, Madison Park in New York located in Libra with Leo – listen to the definition of hospitality in comparison to service at 3:20 in the video as a description of how the formula for service can be understood in Libra with Leo!

No.9: Libra as the sign of decoration at Alinea in Chicago

And as far as the guests are concerned: they may feel more welcome or simply feel less disturbing for the restaurant owner in Libra than they would in other signs. Altogether it is plausible that Libra is the sign of the higher ideals of culture and as such represents the “natural” indicator for aristocratic and courtly culture. This appeal is of course absolutely central for the highest quality restaurants which represent what used to be “highest cuisine” celebrated exclusively at the royal courts in former times.

And Libra helps the guests to be more open to their lovers, friends, relatives, business partner or whoever they go out with in places that resonate with Libra. This quality alone makes places in Libra auspicious, helpful, supporting and stimulative for most kinds of restaurants.

But there are of course exceptions of gastronomical institutions for which Libra may not be supporting or not useful for some reasons.  A really clear example for an exception from that are the weed selling coffee shops in Amsterdam:

Astrogeographic positions for the Top 15 coffeshops in Amsterdam
Astrogeographical positions for the Top 15 coffee-shops in Amsterdam

Among the Top 15 list of best coffee-shops in Amsterdam there is not one in service orientated Libra. What we can conclude from that is that in certain regards Libra may be too open or liberal and not reserved and strict enough for certain aspects of business.

No. 18: Astrid & Gaston in Lima, Peru located in Libra with Capricorn

Capricorn as second most important sign

Highly conservative, hierarchical, exclusive earth sign Capricorn the sign of control. professional skills, exclusiveness, saying no, public space and indicator for the importance of the dress-code is second on the list of the Top 30 quality restaurants. Considering how much effort it takes restaurant owners to keep control of the quality of the food and behaviour of their employees in order to meet with the highly critical attitude of their guests Capricorn is a highly plausible indicator for an extremely careful, strict, controlling, responsible and defensive attitude of restaurant owners. Capricorn as the sign of government institutions is also the sign of rules, regulations and laws.

No. 2 in 2014 No. 1 in 2015: Celler Can Roca in Girona, Spain located in Capricorn with Leo

Spain is the only country with 3 restaurants among the Top 30 quality restaurants. Not even the USA which is much larger and has a lot more financial potential for customers is that successful in the competition between the best quality restaurants. All the three Spanish representatives are located in places that have one coordinate in Capricorn, which seems to be a particular aspect of the cultural inheritance behind quality restaurants in Spain. Capricorn represents the 2nd sign (or mundane house) from Sagittarius the traditional astrological resonator of Spanish culture. As the second house is the house of wealth, food, possession, territorial control and success, places in Capricorn may appear as highly supporting sites for the particular approach to selling and controlling the particular qualities of the traditional inheritance of Spanish cuisine and other aspects of culture.

Aquarius and Scorpio as number 3 indicators

No 1: Noma Restaurant in Kopenhagen located in Aquarius with Libra

Creative, innovative, eccentric air sign Aquarius the sign of inspiration, self-finding, inventions, raw food, alternative and holistic culture, abstraction and reconnection with the roots and awareness of our fuller potential appears as number 3 of the quality restaurants. For visitors Aquarius could support leaving normality and habitual expectations behind and welcome the unexpected. It could help them to open up to creative ideas and fill themselves with inspiration, new ideas and the courage to put them into practice. The same accounts for the restaurant owner: the atmosphere of Aquarius could support confidence in new creations and inventions, radical (= of roots) changes of perception and tracing back traditional arrangements to their roots.

No. 14: Narisawa Restaurant in Tokyo located in the two male signs Scorpio and Aries

Highly alert, mental water sign Scorpio the sign of visual perception,  and sculptures is a highly important aspect for the practical work of art like imaging, processing ideas into images and sculpting. It may not be an aspect which supports the relaxed or homely atmosphere of a restaurant but it is known for it´s effect to stimulate mental fascination and the desire to be part of something superior. Whereas cheap restaurants in Scorpio should be visited with great care because of spoiled or low quality food high quality restaurants in Scorpio may be extremely promising in regard to the intensity of stimulation.

Pisces, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius as  No. 5 indicators

No. 7: D.O.M in Brasilia located in Pisces and between Capricorn and Aquarius

Relaxed imaginative, spiritual water sign Pisces is one of the best aspects for any gastronomical institution to be located in. This is because Pisces supports relatively smooth, easy and relaxed atmospheres stimulating letting go, opening up to imagination, mystification and illusions and not being critical about things in the first place. As a major indicator for consuming alcohol it is a  highly supportive aspect for the profitability of drinking places as well as eateries. In regard to the question which kind of food would be most typical for Pisces it can be said that apart from all kinds of sea-fish and sea-weed the use of oils  is especially supported in Pisces. And apart from all foods having to do with saltwater Pisces is also the main indicator for italian culture, style and cuisine of course. Pisces may not necessarily be an indicator for focussing on quality but it has a lot of potential for a highly subtle and imaginative approach to cooking.

No. 10: The Ledbury in London located in Cancer and in between Virgo and Libra

In regard to food homely, cozy water sign Cancer the sign of the interior is an important indicator for crabs, mussels, snails, inner organs and soups.  Cancer is the most important indicator for traditional english culture. In this role and as the sign of living rooms it can often be observed as highly typical for the nicest atmospheres in british pubs. In regard to places Cancer has a lot of potential for supporting that people could feel at home at places. At home with themselves and not necessarily with the place. This could be the reason why places with astrogeographical coordinates in Cancer are frequently chosen as the sites for experiments of modernity in art and architecture. Cancer simply doesn´t need explanations – it rather tends to judge by “emotional verification”. Restaurants in Cancer may be most successful if they manage to get in resonance with the emotional needs and autonomy of their guests.

No. 19: Fäviken Restaurant, Järpen in Sweden located in Sagittarius with Cancer

Mental fire sign Sagittarius is the main indicator for shamanic cultures and of the role, profession and knowledge of priests. In regard to cooking it has to be seen as deeply rooted in the cultural heritage and knowledge about ritualistic celebrations. In this sense the role of the cook can be compared to the function of a shaman. Secondly Sagittarius as the sign of composition and ornamentation stands for the evaluation of every single detail in relation to the whole. As such Sagittarius` role in art is to find and determine the right mixture of ingredients. Style, design and fashion are Sagittarius`domains – this is the Sagittarian aspect of creativity.  And thirdly open-minded Sagittarius as the sign of travelling stands for the mentality of going on a journey in order to discover the tastes and variations of preparations for the experience of it. All these aspects make places in Sagittarius plausible sites for adventure cooks and adventure food seekers at the same time.

No. 17 Gaggan Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand located in Leo with Cancer

Highly attractive and energetic royal fire sign Leo is a naturally auspicious aspect for any place that wants to attract larger numbers of people. Leo is the sign of the Sun which attracts the planets holding them all together. This self-centering is Leo´s greatest strength and problem at the same time in individual birth charts. But for restaurants this aspect is altogether highly positive and stimulative for allowing the chef de cuisine as well as the visitor to do (and enjoy) whatever they feel to and express their emotions openly. Leo stimulates emotional self-expression, self-centering and being right “here and now” where we are.  And above all the royal aspect of Leo stimulates and allows luxury helping us to enjoy what we do and spend money without thinking about it. In regard to quality food any food that cats enjoy may theoretically be ultra-stimulative: chicken and fish i´d say! :).  Hot spices like red chillis are of course reflected by all three fire signs – but may not be missed as much in Leo as in other signs which do not provide the fire element by themselves. If we imagine the thrill that cats have for chicken and fish we can assume their intense taste in Leo. Maybe not the first choice of Leo would be any kinds of restrictions like for example vegan food.

The minor role of the Mercury signs Virgo and Gemini for quality restaurants

No. 12: Restaurant Vendome at Bergisch-Gladbach, Germany located in Virgo with Sagittarius

Self protective earth sign Virgo the sign of reason is no natural indicator for going out to eat in restaurants. This is not only because Virgo tends to want to spend as little as possible but also because Virgo as the sign of health stands for the reflex to avoid bad, unhealthy or unknown food and even consuming the cook`s energies. But Virgo`s strengths could also provide an ideal site for special aspects of cooking – and Virgo is often seen as the actual sign of cooking. First of all Virgo particular affinity to Indian yoga culture supports healthy food and especially a vegetarian of vegan diet. Secondly as the sign of herbs Virgo is a natural indicator for the decent and effective use of herbs and spices. Thirdly Vi- through its role as the sign of smells Virgo is an ideal surrounding for working with decent types of scents and spices.

No. 20: Restaurant Pujol in Mexico City located in Gemini with Pisces

Practical air sign Gemini the sign of communication and learning is no clear indicator for food nor for restaurants in general. But there is also no hint that it would provide an obstacle for an easy, communicative atmosphere for going out and enjoy having food in a group of people. Gemini as the sign of neutrality stands for a a rather technical and not necessarily emotional approach to cooking. The great advantage is Gemini`s curiosity and playful way of trying out new possibilities and going new ways.

Aries and Taurus: Are the two first signs of the zodiac too basic and simple for the complex ideals of world class quality restaurants?

No.3: Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy located in Taurus and in between Aquarius and Pisces

Taurus is the actual sign of food and of eating. Therefore Taurus can be expected to play a leading role for restaurants. But that does not seem to be the case for the world class gourmet quality segment of the gastronomy market.

Taurus as the sign of agriculture, farmers, rural situations simply seems not a typical indicator for elaborate food preparations, finest of tastes and intense playful use of food for decoration. Taurus is often celebrated as the sign of physical pleasures but at the same time it is no definite indicator for more than the physical aspects of pleasure. That could be a conclusion to be drawn from the statistical analysis of the Top 20 restaurant list. Taurus is intensely related to sugar, but is often sweet in itself. Therefore Taurus may not particularly support or enjoy an overdose of sugar.  The zodiac sign Taurus is not limited to eating grass and grains but rather stands for eating all kinds of foods and with a tendency to consume larger quantities.

No. 14: Narisawa Restaurant in Tokyo located in the two male signs Aries with Scorpio

Fire sign Aries the sign of action would not be expected to play a major role in the segment of highest quality restaurants. It represents the opposite sign of Libra the leader in this segment. Aries as the sign of speed is not a definite supporting sign for long meals. It can be assumed that Aries would do better with short meals or at least with some activity in between single plates. Like all fire signs Aries may have a special affinity to eating meat.