Astrology & Hotels: Manta Beach & the Ideal of a Honeymoon Resort

Astrology & Hotels: Manta Beach & the Ideal of a Honeymoon Resort

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With both coordinates in service orientated air sign Libra the sign of love, relationship, harmony and beauty Manta Beach Resort is located in the ideal constellation for a honeymoon resort.

A perfect Honeymoon constellation: The Manta Resort at Manta Beach is located on Pemba Island the twin island of Zanzibar,  Tanzania.

Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the reort itself: both astrogeographic coordinates are located in service orientated, aristocratic air sign Libra sign of relationship, love, openness, angels, balance, harmony, beauty, peace and dancing. As the sign of opening up to love and all other kinds of relationships a place with both coordinates in Libra stands for the ideal constellation for spending time with a partner, marriage, honeymoon and being together with the people you really like.

This is for a start the astrogeographical evaluation of the general atmosphere of the resort. But of course there exists another level of astrogeographical interpretation which gives you a more personal insight into your individual relationship to the place. This is what the AstrogeoTravel app is designed for. It compares the constellation of places to the birth chart of travellers. Enter your birth data and the adress of a hotel and calculate your individual relationship to the place. Use radius level 4 for the hotel, radius level 2 for the city or radius level 1 for the country or province  of your destination.

AstrogeoTravel App
AstrogeoTravel App – calaculate your personal relationship to destinations


Astrogeographic position for field level 2 which describes the qualities of the northern part of Pemba Island: the northern part of Pemba Island with the beach and reef of manta rays has both coordinates in creative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky, heaven, paradise, flying, inspiration, self-finding and escaping the boundaries of everyday-life. Aquarius as the sign of the largest birds with the largest wings, flying and sailing is also a plausible general astrological indicator for manta rays.