Capricorn and Gemini – The Federal Chancellery in Berlin

Capricorn and Gemini – The Federal Chancellery in Berlin

Capricorn and Gemini – The Federal Chancellery in Berlin

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<a href="">Photo: Martin Künzel license: GNU/FDL</a>
The Federal Chancellery in  Berlin  is located in the combination of Capricorn with Gemini photo: Martin Künzel license: GNU/FDL

Capricorn and Gemini – The Federal Chancellery in Berlin

The Federal Chancellery building in Berlin was built between 04/Feb/1997 and 02/May/2001 when Gerhard Schröder moved in and became the first chancellor and landlord here. The site is situated near the former street “Unter den Zelten” (Under the Tents) where during the March revolution in 1848, the first political rallies of citizens were held.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the atmosphere andenergetical topics of the whoke of the chancellery building and area: one coordinate is located in solid, conservative, traditionalistic, exclusive, strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of control. government buildings, administration,  the ruling classes, rules, laws and regulations,  Capricorn relates to the character of the site as a stronghold and fences and police control that surround the building. The second coordinate is located in practical air sign Gemini the sign of language, communication,  information, inteligence, learning, interfaces, technology, curiosity and going bew ways. Gemini describes the site as being a place of communication and an interface for bringing together different aspects and interests. This situation applies to the astrogeographical radius level 3, which shows how the site is embedded in the surrounding area.

Foundation Chart for the Federal Republic of Germany calculated for the signing of the constitution on 23. May 1949 at 17:00 in Bonn

The exact coordinates of the center of the building are 2° Gemini and 20° Capricorn. The center of the building so falls on the exact position of the Sun in 8th house in the horoscope for the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany on 23/May/1949, 17:00 in Bonn. This would mean that the site explicitly brings into focus one of the fundamental themes of the Federal Republic of Germany: the failure and transformation of the self-image of the german people and of Germany as a country, provided that, as I want to recommend, the position of the Sun in house 8 in Gemini would be interpreted that way.

The second coordinate of the center of the building exactly falls on the IC the so called “Inner Sky” in the horoscope of the FRG and thus could indicate that by moving the Federal Government to this place the state may have moved into its own center. This aspect may be considered to be beneficial for the long term development of an independent sense of identity and of an autonomous state.