Astrogeography Blog – an introduction to my astrological world map

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Astrological - Geomantical map of Europe

Astrogeography Blog – an introduction to my astrological world map

Astrogeography Blog – an introduction to my astrological worldmap.

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Welcome to my one and only Astrogeographical World Map online research  laboratory with over 950 articles two third of them written in English and one third in German language!!! 

My name is Georg Stockhorst – I am the author, inventor and developer of the astrogeographical world map system introduced in this blog. It delivers a unique and highly advanced solution for an age-old astrological problem: the question of a holistic systemical astrological measurement and understanding of the qualities of places.

Please note  that I am constantly working on new but also on older blog articles. I see and feel my approach to locational astrology as an attempt to develop deeper insights into an astrogeographical typology of the twelve zodiac signs in their aspects as systemic structural elements. My aim is to get to a more advanced,  holistic, practical and in the true sense of the word a tangible experience of the systemic perspective on astrology. I see the core issues of modern psychological, medieval predictive and classical Greek astrology in the understanding of the tropical zodiac as a structural concept developed to analyze any given system.

This includes my view of the sign of Gemini as the description of the awareness of the 2 halves of the solar year from solstice to solstice. Of Libra as the symbol created to describe the knowledge of the balance of equally long day and night during the autumn equinox. And of the “bow and arrow” of Sagittarius as an instrument (sextant) dedicated to time measurement and orientation (searching, aiming, hunting).

Please take your time and enjoy a deeper journey into the world of my advanced studies of locational astrology and astrological measurement of morphic and morphogenetic surface fields on our planet. I refer to the terms morphic and morphogenetic fields in relation to an astrological understanding of the grid systems through which all places in the universe are interrelated. Astrology is based on the investigation of that interrelation through the assumption of correspondance, resonance and parallelism. Compare the Hermetic principles : as above so below – as below so above.

For that purpose I developed several unique systems for deeper investigation into a holographic structure of different size levels of astrogeographical grid systems for the use in systemical astrological investigation into the specific qualities of places and their role in the overall surface field on our planet.  For an introduction to the basics of my astrogeographical system I recommend that you read my article “Astrological Geomancy – what is it?”  which was first written in 1996.

Astrological-geomantical map showing results of the astrological measurement of morphogenetic field patterns of 30m and 360m zonesat Cappenberg Castle, Germany, Copyright: Georg Stockhorst, 1997.

Before developing the astrological world map system I published and sold detailed astrological- geomantical town plans and maps in print since 1999 making my way through the esoteric fairs, lectures in book shops and consultations to promote my astrogeographical systems.

My astrogeographical world map delivers grid systems for 6 different size levels of fields:

Field level 1: region ++++ Field level 2: town or country ++++ Field level 3: surrounding area ++++ Field level 4: exact address, single houses

You will find interesting information here about an entirely unique quality of astrological research, which you can not find anywhere else.

Please note that the quality of the older articles can differ from newer ones which are simply more advanced. That is only natural due to the learning process and the constant gathering of new information and development of the data base.

Currently the main topics of my blog articles deal with exploring the use of astrogeographical calculation of coordinates and their astrological interpretation in natal, political and mundane astrology, the astrological typology of the zodiac signs in relation to architecture and art, the astrology of sacred and magical places and of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and others.

My writings are based on long time experience in working with clients in locational astrology consultations. My consultations are dealing with the individual relationship of people, organizations and companies with places through their natal charts. I interpret the coordinates of places in relation to birth charts to find out which aspects of development and personal experience a place stimulates in the life and system of the person. This is dedicated to helping people to find a way to get along with the topics of places and the personal aspects of development they stimulate and stand for in our lives.

For consultations on other important astrological topics such as: medical astrology, karma astrology, astrological psychology, astrological homeopathy, clearing and self-healing please visit my website at

I would appreciate it very much if you made proposals for interesting places or topics that you want me to explore and write about!!!

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Georg Stockhorst

With best wishes to all readers !
Georg Stockhorst