“Astrological-geomantical study of the new construction of the government quarter in Berlin”

Astrology, Astrogeography  and Astrological Geomancy:

“Astrological-geomantical study of the new construction of the government quarter in Berlin” Excerpt from the book:  by Georg Stockhorst ©1998

1. Book on the subject of Astrological Geomancy, 48 pages,
describing for the first time the basics of the Berlin system of Astrological Geomancy.

5. The historical Reichstag building

I have calculated the following exact coordinates for the position of the Reichstag building:

  N-S   W-O
4,32 Km   29° – 30° Gemini   1° Capricorn
360 m   20° Pisces – 0° Aries   8° – 18° Aries

Platz der Republik with the Reichstag building

The Reichstag building is situated demonstratively outside a city gate, namely the Brandenburger Tor. In the “Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation”, Reichstag stands for the official gathering of the decisive body for the election of the king, who was also given the title of emperor – the highest body in the empire.

This body met in famous places such as Worms, Koblenz, Cologne, Aachen, Speyer, Regensburg – but not in Berlin. In this connection I always think of the saying on a sticker from the seventies (it could be from Seyfried!) which was usually stuck on the doors of shared flats: it showed two nice policemen, and underneath them stood : “We have to stay outside”. (This text was usually used to say that dogs should wait outside of shops)

Various interpretations of this point can be put forward: firstly, that this institution (the Reichstag) doesn’t really belong in Berlin or secondly, that the emporer, in this case William 1, who laid the foundation stone on 9.6.1886, didn’t want to have the Parliament in the middle of the city, where it would have meant a questioning of the feudal order.

I took this sentence from the literature on the Reichstag building: ” The Reichstag was necessary because of the founding of the Empire on 18.1.1871″. This formulation brought the following association for me: nobody knows why this Reichstag building was built – a functional reason can just about be put forward. But perhaps this is also simply a listless, let’s say desultory handling of German history, because looking back you stumble over two lost world wars before you get to the German or Prussian dominated empire of the late 19th century at all.

Its short life and catastrophe at Langemarck (a 1st world war battlefield – symbol of the senselessness of war) is also not a particularly good reference for the Reichstag building, just as little as that of the Weimar Republic, where it was also of course the Reichstag building where Philip Scheidemann pulled his sword out of its sheath on 5.11.1918 to separate the Emporer and Empire from Germany and to proclaim the Republic (5.11.1918, 13:30). The Reichstag building was thus already an antagonist to the Empire and was therefore born in a zone where the signs of Aries and Pisces overlap – the image of a hollow or sceptic tooth.

If we look at the horoscope of the proclamation of the German imperial state on 18.1.1871 (18.1.1871, 13:00, Versailles), it is noticeable that Neptune (in 12th house) at 19° Aries stood on the line of the eastern side of the Reichstag building – that is on the side facing the city boundary. The actual meaning, the actual content of the German Empire, like the the Reichstag building, were so to say still or rather already unconscious.

Now I will try, expressing myself carefully, to get closer to the meaning of these circumstances: Neptune is the planet of true identity – whose effect comes out of the unconscious – so the founding of the empire and the crowning of William 1st as emporer in Versailles, in which the title, name and tradition of the emporer’s crowning and thus of the founding of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation on 25.12.800 (12:00, Rome) was imitated, happened under circumstances in which the true identity of the German imperial state was suppressed and remained unconscious. Here I say ” the identity of the German imperial state” because the legendary crowning of Charles the Great as emporer by Pope Leo III took place with an ascendant of 18° Aries.

When you know that the German Empire as the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation arose from the Franken Empire, then it becomes obvious why the new German Empire was proclaimed in of all places the old Franken residence of Versailles – namely to begin in the style of Charles the Great, who had taken over a hollow tooth, that is a Roman Empire which no longer existed.

The most important building of the new Empire of 1871 should indeed have been the Reichstag; but this was built of all places in the zone of the hollow tooth (Aries- Pisces), because the Empire itself – perhaps because a centralised state was at all times deeply foreign to the german tribes – was taken over and set up like a hollow tooth. Just as the last Hohenzollern Emporer wanted to bite, the crown broke off. Thus the Emporer William Gedächtniskirche, which was built at the same time as the Reichstag (inauguration on 2.9.1895), is also called the “hollow tooth” by Berliners today.

Emperor William Gedächtniskirche in a Leo/Leo zone

The Emporer William Gedächtniskirche lies in a double Leo zone and is built on top of an important light source. This constellation corresponds to the unbounded arrogance and lack of a sense of proportion of the Emporer William 2nd (born 27.1.1859), who was born in Aquarius with a Leo ascendant, the constellation and subject of mania. Thus right from the start the Reichstag building was put in the shadow of the Emporer William Gedächtniskirche. In this connection, the historians who advised the government of the Federal Republic to leave the ruins of the German imperial state in a double Leo zone as a monument should be highly praised.

The Emporer’s communion – a picture from the Gedächtniskirche

This picture from the Gedächtniskirche shows the communion of the protestant Emporer – how it occupies a “Holy” and Catholic “Roman Empire of the German Nation” in a protestant church, which is in itself a big contradiction, because Berlin is certainly politically anti-roman, it was indeed for centuries the best refuge in Europe for those persecuted by the Catholich Church. And, as is well known, the birthplace of Protestantism, the town of Wittenberg, lies a mere 90 km south-west of Berlin.

There are a lot more details to this train of thought, which I won’t all mention, since its logic threatens to become incomprehensible. However, two things should be noted:

1. In the astrological literature, the Austrian private from Braunau, (Adolf Hitler), is given an ascendant of 19°-20° Libra (an exact opposition to the Neptune of the founding of the Empire). He can thus be seen as an opponent of the German imperial state or of its components, which are meaningful both for the German imperial state and the Reichstag building. At the same time, he is someone who addresses the subject of the suppression of the German identity as a result of it being overlaid by the Roman Caesars’ state or by the Prussian imperial state, itself based on the Roman Caesar state.

Consequently, at the time of Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of the Empire, Uranus stood precisely at 19° Aries (30.1.1933.11:15, Berlin). With the Austrian fertilization, a suppression of the true identity of the German imperial state was supposed to be annulled and resolved. To this end, the Nazis first of all set fire to the Reichstag and put it out of action, it actually burnt out completely inside, so that only its facade or ruin was left over, just like a hollow tooth (27.2.1933, 21:13, Berlin).

The Moon – Uranus conjunction from 18° (Moon) to 21° (Uranus) Aries is particularly to be noted in the horoscope of the Reichstag fire. The arson attack could well have started on the eastern side of the building. The Reichstag experienced a genuine upgrading, if you consider the astrological constellation, as a result of the conjunction of Mercury at 17° and Venus at 18° Aries on 30.4.1945. On this day the red flag (!) was hoisted on the Reichstag building. On this occasion, as the Reichstag gleamed in the light of communism, the “red planet” – Mars – stood at 28° Pisces exactly on the southern side of the building.

2. On the 30.4.1945, Venus passed over the ascendant in the horoscope of one of General MacArthur’s pupils. His name was: Dwight David Eisenhower, the then commander-in-chief of the American forces in Europe (born 14.10.1890, 17:19, Denison, Texas). His horoscope is mentioned here because it contains both features – his ascendant lies on the crowning of Charles the Great as emporer (19° Aries, Charles the Great’s sun lies on 21° Aries) and his sun lies on Hitler’s ascendant (21° Libra, in the State of Israel’s horoscope, 20°Libra). In fact, Charles the Great let himself be called “King David” in his court ceremonies, amongst other names. From this point of view, Eisenhower had so to say to mediate between these two extremes. Well, mediate is not exactly the right word, since that which mediates between Aries and Libra in Eisenhower is an exorcising Mars at 14° Capricorn in the mid-heaven (constellation of exorcism). But what else would you expect from an iron hitter? (Eisenhower comes from the German “Eisenhauer”, which means literally ironhitter).

Exactly, and Charles the Great’s family (he himself was Aries, born 2.4.747 in Herrisried) came from the purest military leader class – his grandfather, who beat the Moors at Tours and Poitiers, was the legendary Karl Martell – Charles the Hammer (another iron hitter). So much for these roots.

As far as the Reichstag building is concerned, this says a lot about the Aries background and about the reason why the Reichstag building was built in an Aries zone. Germany, by the way, is seen by most astrologers as an Aries land. An explanation for the Pisces site of the Reichstag building could be that the German Empire knew no centralism and ideally could only become a German Empire though the presence of inner, not outer, connections and ties.

Apart from this, the concept ‘Reichstag’ was right from the start just as inappropriate to the spirit of the time as the Prussian Caesar state itself. For me the word ‘Reich’ describes a body with sharply defined boundaries but without content – a hollow body.

Fourthly, the Aries/Pisces correspondence of the Reichstag also shows quite simply the erosion of the feudal ideas of the world and social structures at the time of its building. So that the Reichstag was built as a house representing the imperial state, although an emporer would not even be elected here, because the imperial succession state – the final stage – had long arrived.

Fifthly, National Socialism as a dictatorship of the middle class ruined not only the medieval social structures, but also its traditions, in the sense of inherited access to a national identity, and finally the whole country.

In so far, the concept for the use of the Reichstag at the time of the Federal Republic of Germany (1961 – 1990) for the exhibition: “Questions on German history” was, because of is authenticity, very successful. The visitor actually wandered through the ruins of Germany – where the thin-walled rapid-build architecture of the 50s, 60s and 70s had thrown up provisional and hasty living quarters – where a reconstruction was not possible for precisely this reason. In the horoscope of the Federal Republic’s founding (the signing of the constitution on 23.5.1949, 17:00, Bonn), the opposition to the Emporer’s crowning is addressed, as shown by the ascendant of 16° Libra, namely the German Federation which was already effective between 1814 and 1871.

The position of the moon in the Federal Republic’s horoscope (23.5.1949, 17:00, Bonn) of 13° Aries can be translated for the Reichstag building as follows: the emphasis of the Reichstag building, which up until then had lain on the eastern side – and thus always tended towards a N-S axis of 22°30′ Aries, on which the Brandenburger Tor, and thus the saving or hoped-for (?) town boundary, lies (W-O 360m 22°30′ Aries, W-O 30m 0° Steinbock), the emphasis of the Reichstag building, and indeed of Germany, was pushed about 5 degrees (the 360m division), i.e. 60m westwards – und lay now exactly in the middle of the Reichstag building. This corresponds also to the situation, that the moon’s position (13° Aries) in the Federal Republic’s horoscope falls in the sixth house just underneath the descendant, the image of the lost homeland, of the lost longing. Through the separation of the East, including the German eastern territories, the Reichstag left its inclination to the centre of Berlin, which was now ruled by Slavs, Russians and Communists, and slipped so to say into itself. From the view of East Berlin however, this was decidedly not the case, as the proclamation of the GDR state founding (7.11.1949, 13:17, Berlin) shows. Here the moon stood with 18° Aries exactly on the eastern side of the Reichstag building. Paradoxically, the GDR can thus be seen as the successor state to the German Empire, i.e. the traditions of the medieval German state ruled here, right up to the fall of the wall – perhaps also for the reason that Prussia and its eastern territories formed a relatively new part of the German Empire.

The county of Brandenburg was inhabited by Slavs at the peak of the Franken Empire and was first incorporated into the German Empire with the conquest of Brandenburg on 11.6.1157 (17:00, Brandenburg, the county of Brandenburg’s birthday) by Albert the Bear. But Brandenburg was at this time not only inhabited mostly by Slavs – the name of Prussia (also known as Borussia) can easily be associated with a German Russia.

And so, the town hall (Staatsratgebäude), the seat of central power, was built in the place where once the Duke’s and lastly the Imperial city castle had stood (N-S 360m, 27° Pisces to 14° Aries, W-E 360m, 4° Virgo to 19° Virgo). These astro-geographical data refer to the building’s corners, because unlike the Reichstag it was not orientated in a W-E and N-S direction.

The Pisces correspondence (N-S 360m) of the northern side of the town hall can be better understood by looking at the orange-coloured reflection of the Berliner Dom in the tinted window panes of the communist castle (Palast der Republik), which, by the way, has the appropriately the same Pisces correspondence (N-S 360m 16°-25° Pisces) as the Reichstag.

The moon stood in the third house of the GDR horoscope at 18° Aries. So it could be said, the GDR had its homeland or homeland feeling on the eastern side of the Reichstag, i.e. on the west side of the wall.

The moon, the homeland in the third house, also stands of course for the homeland in the immune system – furthermore in the environment and in the house of siblings. The ascendant of the GDR horoscope lay with 29° Sagittarius exactly on the line (W-E 4,32km) of the future “Citizens’ Forum” (Bürgerforum) – the space between the Federal Chancellor’s Ministry (Bundeskanzleramt) in the west wing, and a new parliament building, the so-called “Paul Löbe – Haus”, in the east wing of the Spreebogen (a piece of land lying in a bend of the River Spree).

This allows the interpretation that the subject of the GDR, through which it could find its way into physical reality, is precisely the boundary between East and West Berlin. It seems all the more appropriate when you see that Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, stands at 22°54′ Capricorn. Capricorn itself is enclosed in the first house, and is the sign of boundary fortifications and the building of the wall.

As already mentioned, the centre of Berlin at its founding lies on 24°34′ Capricorn on the West-East division of the 51,84km level division, which indicates the meaning of a town für the whole of Germany. If we calculate the 22°54′ Capricorn line in this division, we can assume that the GDR’s Jupiter stood exactly on the eastern side of the Brandenburger Tor – more or less at the foot of the Quadriga (the statue on top of the Brandeburger Tor). Today (in 1998) you can buy night vision instruments from Eastern Block stocks from the streethandlers there.

The building of the wall, the establishment of the border (the symbol for 0° Capricorn), was therefore the subject of the GDR (ascendant of 29° Sagittarius) – and its assertion and guarding was the GDR’s source of happiness (Jupiter at 22°54′ Capricorn).

If you look at these constellations, the Reichstag can naturally be taken for a place which could act as a link between East and West – if there is a need for such a place at all.