Astrogeographic positions of the largest cities in 1500

Astrology and Places:  Astrogeographic positions of the largest cities in 1500

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Largest Cities worldwide by the year 1500
Largest Cities worldwide by the year 1500

The list of the largest cities worldwide in the year 1500 shows an important step in between the lists for the year 100 and the one for the year 2014. Cancer as the mothersign of large cities appears here as on the other two lists as a major indicator for urban megacenters all through the ages. As can be seen the dominance of magnetic fire sign Leo among the largest cities worldwide had not been established yet by the year 1500.

Aquarius as the sign of globalization

John Norden's Map of London, 1593,
John Norden’s Map of London, 1593

Creative, innovative air sign Aquarius sign of social changes, inventions and new developments brought up the two west-european megacities Paris and London that were about to start fighting each other for the rule over the largest colonial empires that the world had ever seen. Lisbon, Madrid and Amsterdam though not on the list were also of this globalization process. Aquarius as the sign of abstraction and reconnection with the spiritual plane is to be seen as the major indicator for the process of globalization here.

Pisces for a comparatively relaxing atmosphere

Water sign Pisces is a surprising aspect on the list as it is not a particularly predictable indicator for large urban centers, especially when they are not located near the sea (the natural realm of Pisces) like in the case of Tabriz and Milan. But on the other hand spiritual water sign Pisces is an extremely positive aspect in regard to smoothness, comparatively relaxed, romantic and even peaceful energies and atmospheres. It so represents a highly supportive aspect for the living together of people in extremely large numbers. The position of the laguna city Venice is no surprise as for a town located partly in the ocean this aspect is of course natural. The appearance of the mystic capital of the great hindu empire of Vijaynagar (today: Hampi) on the list was a surprise for me. Its position in mystic water sign Pisces emphasizes the role of religion for the independence of this kingdom during that islamic period  for the rest of India.  Another megacity and mystical center at the same time that is located in Pisces is Egypt`s capital Cairo along with the pyramids of Giza.