FIFA World Championship 2006 and the Astrology of places

FIFA World Championship 2006 and the Astrology of places

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FIFA World Championship 2006 and the Astrology of places – The Zodiac Signs and their Meaning in Football


Written and published in 2006

Top ranking star signs for the choice of places to stay during the FIFA World Championship 2006 are the two earth signs Taurus and VirgoItaly the World Champion in 2006 stayed in this constellation during the tournament.

Results of the 2006 Football World Championship in Germany in regard to the astrological indicators for the regions where the teams stayed. Source: Astrogeomantical Map of Germany 1998, 2006
Results of the 2006 Football World Championship in Germany in regard to the astrological indicators for the regions where the teams stayed. Source: Astrogeomantical Map of Germany 1998, 2006
Astrological Map of Germany by Georg Stockhorst published in 1998 and 2009
Astrological Map of Germany by Georg Stockhorst published in 1998 and 2009

The sign of Taurus shows that these countries who chose to stay in a Taurus region have the priority of being grounded in the place. This should support the physical and mental wellfare and help them to arrive emotionally and energetically at the venue faster than in other places.

The star sign Virgo shows the the priority for the decision was the protection of the players and their health. Apart from that Virgo stands for a reasonable training and food.

The two emotional signs Leo and Cancer are ranking third place with 8 countries each, who have chosen them for their accomodation. Both of them – each one in a different way – support emotional well being.

Whereas Besides Cancer stands for a family spirit and a feeling of being at home the sign of leo supports self esteem, emotional expression and euphoria. Leo could support also the physical wellbeing and the energy level of the players.

The star sign Gemini has conquered fifth place in the ranking and shows the priority of learning and communication during training and preparation for the matches. It could help to support technical and flexible play as well as the training of tactical systems.

Three signs are ranking sixth place together: Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

As far as the capacities in play to be trained in these places thex stand for: capacity to play passes and feeling for the ball (Libra), capacity to shoot and flexibility in play (Sagittarius), capacity to control the game and endurance (Capricorn).

The star sign Scorpio has been chosen as a priority by only three teams during the tournament. A place in Scorpio could support mental and emotional strength as well as the will to strike. Apart from that it could support passion and general motivation although like the other two water signs may have a tendency to motivate the players through negative emotions.

Not a single country has decided to stay in a region referring to the fire sign Aries, the main star sign of Germany. Maybe such a region has not been considered to support relaxation.

Similarly only one country, Australia, has chosen to stay in the sign Aquarius. Regarding Australias geographic position far from all the other football scenes in the world this shows that Australia doesn’t fear to play the role of an outsider and that the Australians may even see their strength in this role. Besides Aquarius as the sign of the nerval system is not typical for a place of deep relaxation between matches.

We can assume quite the opposite of the star sign Pisces, the sign of dreaming. Only one country, England, resides in the sign Pisces. This shows that the english team has chosen the priority of being far from the reach of the mass media and energetic influences of the surrounding country and population.

What do the statistics show?

List of the combination of star signs equivalent to the regions the 32 national teams stay in
Taken from: Astrological Map of germany by Georg Stockhorst

In which star signs do the teams of the 32 nations reside and what does it mean? See the following list for the places and their corresponding star signs. The astrological calculation is taken from : “astrological map of germany” by Georg Stockhorst.

Country Place Star Signs
Angola Celle Cancer – Virgo
Argentina Herzogenaurach Capricorn – Libra
Australia Öhringen Aquarius – Leo
Brasil (Pre – Phase) Königstein Sagittarius – Cancer
Brasilien (Main Pase) Bergisch – Gladbach Libra – Taurus
Costa Rica Heidelberg Capricorn – Cancer
3rd    Germany Berlin Cancer – Capricorn
Ecuador Bad Kissingen Sagittarius – Virgo
Ivory Coast Niederkassel Libra – Taurus
England Baden-Baden Pisces – Gemini
2nd  France Aerzen/Hameln Leo -Leo
Ghana Würzburg Capricorn – Virgo
Iran Friedrichshafen Taurus – Leo
Winner:   Italy Duisburg Virgo – Taurus
Japan Bonn Libra – Taurus
Croatia Bad Brückenau Sagittarius – Leo
Mexico Göttingen Virgo – Virgo
Netherlands Hinterzarten Taurus – Gemini
Paraguay Oberhaching Taurus – Scorpio
Poland Barsinghausen Cancer – Leo
4th  Portugal Marienfeld Leo – Cancer
Saudi – Arabia Bad Nauheim Scorpio – Cancer
Sweden Bremen Gemini – Cancer
Switzerland Bad Bertrich Sagittarius – Taurus
Serbia-Montenegro Billerbeck Leo – Taurus
Spain Kamen Virgo – Gemini
South – Korea Bensberg Waage – Stier
Togo Wangen Taurus – Virgo
Trinidad & Tobago Rotenburg a. d. Wümme Gemini – Leo
Chec Republic Westerburg Scorpio – Gemini
Tunesia Schweinfurt Sagittarius – Virgo
Ukraine Potsdam Cancer – Capricorn
USA        Hamburg        Taurus – Virgo
Copyright by Georg Stockhorst 1999


Aries      0
Taurus    12
Gemini      6
Cancer      8
Leo      8
Virgo    10
Libra      5
Scorpio      3
Sagittarius      5
Capricorn      5
Aquarius      1
Pisces      1

The Zodiac Signs and their Meaning in Football

The star signs chosen by each single participationg national team tells us a lot about the preparation, tactics and focus preferred by the team. Here is a brief summary of the meaning of the different star signs:

Aries dynamic play, fighting spirit, speed, enforce attack
Taurus being grounded, defend and conquer territory, to supprot a teams arriving in a foreign country
Gemini intelligence of play, communication, mobility and flexibility, variables Spiel und, special training of standard situations
Cancer support emotional independence, feeling at home, defensive Strategies, strike back when wounded
Leo self – reliance, enthusiasm, dynamic play, speed, motivation, Individual player
Virgo Health, self protection, systems of play, controlled play, defensive, protection from the public
Libra team spirit, variability of play, communication, subtle tactics, dribbling, responsiveness
Scorpio defense as a fortress, strike back when wounded, hard play, physical strength, fighting spirit, team hierarchy
Sagittarius selfreliance, key players, will to win, to train shooting, speed, mobility, flexibility, dribbling
Capricorn defensive, controlled play, concentration and discipline, team hierarchy, endurance and staying power
Aquarius creative play, indenpendence, intuition, jumping, outsiders role, euphoria to train variable play
Pisces protection from media and influences from outside, intuition