The astrogeographical positions of the Facebook headquarters

The astrogeographical positions of the Facebook headquarters

The astrogeographical positions of the Facebook headquarters. Astrology and astrogeography: on the astrogeographical resonance coordinates of the old and new facebook headquarters

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Astrology and astrogeography of facebook
World Map of Facebook Connections     photo: Maclauren license: GNU/FDL

The Old facebook headquarters in Capricorn with Sagittarius

The headquarters of Facebook in Palo Alto, California were located in the constellation of the fire sign Sagittarius with the earth sign Capricorn. This is valid for astrogeographical radius level 3 which shows how the place is embedded in the surrounding area. The combination brings together two archetypes which are consecutive by position in the systemic cycle described by the astrological zodiac. Sagittarius stands for the mental reflex of wanting to achieve something and for seeking the way to reach a goal, while Capricorn marks the capacity of subdueing ones wishes and theories to the objective necessities of reality in order to put some of the intention into practice. This constellation has been referred to as the principle of the golden mean and can be viewed as highly favourable for long term working institutions.
This is shown by the following examples located in the same constellation: the Vatican City in Rome, the Palace of the Emperor of China in Beijing the so called “Forbidden City” and the Temple of the Olympian Zeus, the central temple for the celebration of the Olympic Games in the ancient city of Olympia in Greece.

Astrology and astrogeography of the facebook company
Sunrise Chart for the Foundation of Facebook calculated for 4 February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Facebook Incorporated was founded on February, 4 2004 by students of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The astrogeographic coordinates for the old headquarters fell into the 11th and 12th houses of the astrological chart for the foundation of the company. The highly creative and innovative aspect of the 11th house indicates a situation of self-finding, exploring one`s potentials and inventing new strategies and technologies. The 12 house aspect stands for the intention of trying to find a place where one can be undisturbed and is typical for a situation where people want to hide themselves from the public. Altogether the constellation of houses 11 and 12 does not represent a situation of growing roots at a place and therefore rather looks like an aspect that makes it easy to move away from the place.

The new headquarters in Sagittarius with Taurus

Astrogeographical resonance degrees of the new facebook headquarters for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the international, supraregional topics and impact of Facebook as a company and as an economical as well as a political factor: the astrogeographical resonance coordinates are 5°Capricorn and 1°Libra. Both resonance coordinates are near cardinal divides which describes the global impact of the facebook platforms as the start of sth. new in the fields of public space, government institutions,, state cult and control of public opinion and social hierarchy (Capricorn) and in the fields of relationship, contacts, stage presentation, connecting individuals (Libra).

The new facebook headquarters at Menlo Park is located in Sagittarius with Taurus
ph: Jitze Couperus, ccbysa2.0

In 2011 Facebook moved their headquarters to the former Sun Microsystems Campus at 1 Hacker Way in Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Astrogeographical resonance coordinates for the facebook headquarters for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes the energetical topuics of the whole of the area where the headquarter is located: one coordinate is in highly dynamical fire sign Sagittarius sign of expansion, style, design, fashion, watching, searching, travelling, discovery, thinking, observing, healing, playgrounds, volcanic activity, preaching, priest castes and mental manipulation. The 2nd coordinate and one in highly profitable, megnetical earth sign Taurus the sign of the earth, grounding, roots, gravity, market places and energetical centers. The coordinate in Sagittarius the sign of playgrounds, style, design, fashion, searching, discovery, travelling, watching, thinking, contemplating and observation towers has remained as a constant astrogeographical factor during the shift from the old to the new facebook headquarters. It appears to be a particular aspect of the company and of it`s business. The 2nd coordinate in Taurus falls in the 4th house of Facebook`s foundation chart indicating that the place is highly supportive for growing roots and for a place that could be a highly auspicious long term home for the company while it may constantly stimulate it`s steady growth and help to stabilize fast expansion too through its tendency to support growing roots.

How auspiscious is What`s App for Facebook in astrogeography?

On February 19 2014 Facebook Inc. bought  What´sApp Incorp. paying $19 Billion in Cash and Stock. The What`sApp headquarters are located at 3561 Homestead Road in Santa Clara, California in the combination of highly defensive, careful earth sign Virgo the sign of optimal use of ressources, saving money, recycling and spening reasonably with service orientated air sign Libra the sign of openness, relationship, angels.

The astrogeographical position in Virgo falls in between the 7th and 8th houses in the natal chart of facebook and is conjunct the position of Jupiter. This aspect explains the motiv for the acquisiton of What`sApp as a kind of a treasure hunt meant to conquer important ressources and foreign territories (house 8). Whereas the 8th house resonance of the Whats App headquarters may no tseem to make it easily controllable for the Facebook company and leaders the simultaneous aspect of the 7th houseseems to makes it an ideal supplement for the company´s business and politics. This is also because of the different character of the intentions and ideals of the What`s App founders as well as of the What`s App community. The position in Libra stands for the 9th house in Facebook´s natal chart explaining the deal as motivated by mental desires for expansion making it an apparent though not necessearily factual extension of one`s horizons. Although I can`t say anything about wether the incredible sum of $19 Billion is to be evaluated as justified or reasonable the astrogeographic constellation makes the deal appear as highly profitable and definitely recommendable.

What`s App Natal chart calculated as a 12:00 noon chart for the day of the Incorporation on 24 Feb 2009

The What`s App Natal chart reveals that the company was incorporated on a new moon day with sun and moon in water sign Pisces the sign of entertainment, music, dreaming, illusion, entertainment, music.