The role of Sagittarius & Virgo in astrology: The Astrology Shop in London

The role of Sagittarius & Virgo in astrology: The Astrology Shop in London

The Astrology Shop on 78 a, Neal Street, London, England (website) was founded by english astrologer Robert Currey (website) born on 24 September 1955 with the Sun in Libra.

Tha astrology shop on 78 a, Neal Street, London, England (website) is located in Sagittarius with Virgo

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the Astrology Shop itself: the shop lies in the last degrees of  mental fire sign Sagittarius indicator for philosophy and thinking and the sign of shamanism and the priest castes. Sagittarius is important in observation of cyclic events and patterns and therefore also of time-measurement. That is because of its direct relationship with the winter solstice, which actually represents its highest stage and fullfillment at 30° of the sign.  Therefore Sagittarius can be understood as the first of all astrological significator for the cycles of the planets – especially the Sun but also all visible ones. Sagittarius bow can in fact be understood as a device dedicated to time-measurement. As it directly relates to thinking, observing and interpretating the meaning of the single parts of a system for the whole Sagittarius represents one of the most important faculties needed in astrology, Unlike Capricorn and Aquarius Sagittarius may not be directed at  observing the objective, spiritual plane of the forces that work the gravitation of fate. That means Sagittarius rather seeks the practical advamtages or emotional kicks it could get from esoteriuc knowledge than it might want the highest aspects to work or function. Its focus is on victory, profits and the fullfillment of  subjective, personal desires in the first place  making it an important factor in the quest for solutions and success. Therefore Sagittarius is to be counted for as a strong influence in esoterics and othe esoterical buisness. It also relates to the faculties and inheritance of knowledge  delivered thropugh the shamanisic  castes, priest castes and also the esotericla orders. For running a shop Sagittarius as the sign of travelling stands for a site open to different cultures, visions, creeds and points of view. And Sagittarius through its expansive nature may help to stimulate growth and income.

The 2nd coordinate of shop is at about 18° of the earth sign Virgo the sign of psychology, reason, health care & healing. yoga & hindu culture, monkhood, herbal medicine, inscense, vegetarian diet, preservation of nature and spiritual entities of plants and nature.  Virgo may be an ideal aspect for a protection of a shop from overstimulation and exaggeration. in regard to astrology it relates to a psychological and analytical approach.

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