The 2015 Ratchaprasong bombing in astrogeography

Astrology and Places: The 2015 Ratchaprasong bombing in astrogeography

The 2015 Ratchaprasong bombing was a bomb attack that occurred on 17 August 2015 at 18:56 outside the Erawan Shrine at the Ratchaprasong intersection in the Pathum Wan District in Bangkok, Thailand.  21 people were killed and more than 123 were injured.

Erawan Shrine in Bangkok photo: Fles, GNU/FDL
Erawan Shrine in Bangkok photo: Fles, GNU/FDL

The Erawan Shrine is a Hindu shrine of Phra Phrom a Thai representation of the Hindu god Brahma. The site is a popular tourist attraction, it often features performances by Thai dance groups, who are hired by worshippers here in return for seeing their prayers at the shrine answered. The shopping area where the open street shrine is located is usually extremely crowded especially in the evening hours just after sunset.

The astrogeographic positions for field level 1 in Taurus and Gemini  (for the Bangkok region) are very interesting but only in minor resonance with the transits of planets. This indicates that the attack is not to be seen as of global but of national resonance in the first place.

Astrogeographic position for field level 3 which describes how the area is embedded in the municipal district: for field level 3 the site of the bomb blast is located at about 19° of highly alert, dynamic male fire sign Aries the sign of action and around 5″ of highly defensive, alert water sign Scorpio next to Aries an important indicator for all aspects having to do with Mars the planet of warfare.

On the day of the bomb blast Mars at 5° Leo was in exact square to the astrogeographic coordinate of the Eriwan Shrine at 5° Scorpio indicating a direct attack on the symbolism of the Eriwan Shrine and the surrounding area. Uranus` transit at 20″ Aries was exactly conjunct the 19° Aries coordinate of the Shrine.  This resonance of Uranus as most important indicator for political unrest, rebellion and more abstract issues could indicate political motifs.

Ratchaprasong Astrological Chart for the Bombings on 17 August 2015, 18:56 Bangkok
Ratchaprasong Astrological Chart for the Bombings on 17 August 2015, 18:56 Bangkok

Aiming at Jupiter!!! Jupiter exactly on the point of the descendant makes his position the central focus of the assault. Phra Phrom the Thai presentation of Lord Brahma could even be seen to represent Jupiter in the sense of a central householder god and ruler of the worldy aspects of the spiritual realms. As the bombing was carried out only 6 days after the start of theJupiter year in Virgo (the sign of hindu culture) the bombing represents also an attack on indian culture. But on t5he other hand it has to be said that there are actually no Brahma Temples in India (with 3-5 exemptions) because of a curse against Brahma.

Furthermore Jupiter on the descendant reveals an attempt to gain personal fame and present an act on a stage. This explains why a place was chosen for the bombing where many foreigners could be hit by the blasts, so that the level of world news would be affected.
The ascendant of such a bomb blast in the first degree of spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of the spiritual plane and most important indicator for temples may be rather unxpected. But as Pisces is the sign of the invisible and unconscious it is of course also a valuable ascendant for doing hidden things, keeping secrets and creating mysteries, even more so with Neptune as its ruler located in the first house.

Astrogeographic position for field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the Phra Phrom shrine: for field level 4 the the exact location is located in highly profitable earth sign Taurus sign of the earth, grounding, market places, food, agriculture and income in general. Taurus stands for worship direct towards grounding, growing roots, possessing land and financial gains. The second coordinate is located in highly defensive, mental water sign Scorpio sign of imaging, sculptures,  role models and idols and the opposite sign of Taurus.

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