The Mystical Buddhist University of Nalanda in Astrogeography

The mystical buddhist university of Nalanda in astrogeography. astrology, astrogeography, history and magical places.

Nalanda University located in Sagittarius with Taurus photo: Prince Roy, ccbysa2.0
Nalanda University located in Sagittarius with Taurus photo: Prince Roy, ccbysa2.0

Nalanda was a large buddhist monastery and university complex and university south of Patna, Bihar, India between the 5th and 12th centuries AD. In Nalanda many thousands of students from all over Asia were educated. Although the largest of it`s time the mystical and magical Nalanda wasn´t even the first buddhist university as the institutions of Puspagiri and Taxila were even older.

Astrogeographic position: the university of Nalanda  is located in mental fire sign Sagittarius sign of philosophy, science, knowledge, initiation, preaching and the priest castes in general. The role of Sagittarius as the sign of priest castes goes back to the earliest times of human culture and societies. That`s why it involves knowledge about initiation, ritual worship, fire sacrifice, burial and cremation and methods of healing. This relates Sagittarius to the ancient wisdom of medicine including knowledge of herbal medicine,  mental and spiritual healing, treatment of diseases and exorcism of spirits.

The 2nd coordinate is in profit orientated earth sign Taurus sign of market places, agriculture, food, sensual pleasures, wealth, possession of land and occupation of territory and of growing roots. Taurus does not stand for spirituality at all but for the focus on the physical world and a materialistic outlook on life. Taurus shows  that Buddhism had not only arrived in the center of society but that it was used to conquer and control the centre of society at the great period of the Nalanda University.

The combination of Taurus as the sign of the centre of society with highly expansionary Sagittarius  as the sign of preaching indicates profit orientated education of priests for conquering society + land through religion.

The constellation is valid for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the large university area was embedded in the town.

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