Jupiter ingress into Virgo – A Year for Yoga & meditation

Jupiter ingress into Virgo – A Year for Yoga & meditation

Jupiter ingress into Virgo – A Year for Yoga & meditation


Today on August, 11 2015 Jupiter willl change signs in the tropical zodiac between fire sign Leo sign of the Sun and earth sign Virgo ruled by asteroid Chiron.  The transit of Jupiter through Virgo marks the period of a Virgo year which will last until September, 9 2016.

The Leo year of Jupiter´s transit through  self-centered, emotional fire sign Leo sign of self-expression, emotional dominance and  superiority, sexuality, hot temper and egocentric visions between July, 16 2014 and August, 11 2015 will be over in about 1 hour. So let`s take a look at the astrological birth chart for the new Jupiter Year in Virgo:

Jupiter Year in Virgo 2015 -2016 calculated for the ingress of Jupiter into Virgo on August 11 2015 13:11 MET calculated for berlin and to be interpreted for Central Europe
Jupiter Year in Virgo 2015 -2016 calculated for the ingress of Jupiter into Virgo on August 11 2015 13:11 MET calculated for Berlin and to be interpreted for Central Europe

For central Europe the new Jupiter year starts with ascendant in highly alert, self defensive water sign Scorpio indicating the need for intense transformation of ideological patterns, dogma and medieval rules and structures of role conduct, social hierarchies and attempts to dominate the purer and greater potential of humanity.

Scorpio`s ruler Pluto in  Capricorn in house 3 (the house of education) indicates a lack of intelligence, education, personal freedom, emancipation and self responsibility as the central issue and topic of transformation.

For Berlin the Jupiter year starts exactly with the Sun in Leo the sign of french and romanic cultures and greek territory in the most dominant possible position on midheaven. This aspect is highly auspiscious not only for Berlin  but also for France, Italy, Spain, Romania and Greece because of this exalted and highly positve position which is even more prominent through the Sun`s conjunction with Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. And furthermore Jupiter`s transit through Virgo the second sign and house (house of income, grounding, new foundations, possession of land and wealth) from Leo as the sign of the position of the Sun indicates financially highly positive development for all countries whose indicator Leo is.  And as far as individuals are concerned particularly those individuals born with ascendant in Leo should see this year as an invitation to make their profits real, buy and/or sell property and take over more responsibility for their financial affairs.

But of course Jupiter`s movement into Virgo will particularly support all people having their Ascendant,  Sun or any planets in Virgo the sign of a reasonable and healthy management of the living conditions. The most important because largest country of Virgo culture is India which represents yoga and meditation culture, vegetarian diet and respect for plants and nature as main achievements of Virgo culture. Another important aspect of Virgo can be seen in swiss culture – the ability to profit not through open interference in international affairs but through consequently refraining from being part of international politics. This country – like no other – has profited from not being part of international politics but using the status of the veil, hymen and separation from other countries for building a savings and banking system just on this role. All things having to do with indican of swiss culture therefore could help individuals to get into contact with this Virgo information.

The name and character of the roman god Jupiter is derived from the greek king of the gods Zeus.

Zeus on his throne by Tommaso Piroli, 1795
Zeus on his throne by Tommaso Piroli, 1795


Virgo as the sign of self-healing

Virgo is the most important astrological indicator for psychology. It is a natural reflex in Virgo to try to understand the causes, roots and meanings of emotions, suffering and diseases. And one of Virgo`s greatest strengths is to want to find a way to protect one`s health whereas at times one or the other sign may lack the urge to care for health.

Therefore Virgo is the archetypal sign of the healing faculties. All the 12 signs can of course be used for particular methods of diagnosis, treatment and healing. But medical treatment and herbal medicine are Virgo`s domains.  Diseases occur in the destiny of man in order to stimulate growth, karmic evolution. grounding, find one`s personal limits, letting go of old energies, self-liberation and self healing,

A Virgo year is a year of the smaller and larger illnesses that we produce to help our mental orientation to become more aware of our true self, eternal soul and spirit. Anything we do during a Virgo year to take over more responsibility for our self-healing is supported by Jupiter`s transit in Virgo.

The spiritual realms to be related to Virgo are the realms of the spirits of plants, herbs and of the remote, protected places where the spirit of the species of plants gather like in mossy forests, below the roots of trees, in wholes dug in the ground or in protected places between rocks.

The concept Self-treatment in astrological homeopathy

Homeopathic self-treatment is aimed at:   an overall self-treatment of karmic issues, stimulation of solutions and growth, leaving karmic issues behind, strengthening self-esteem, supporting self-centering, trusting in one´s own intuition, stimulating self-healing, supporting our performance in job and career, becoming more aware of the psychological reflexes and mechanisms through which  karmic blocks of development work, learning to endure succes as well as “mistakes”, learning to handle more of our potentials.

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