The Star Sign of Starbucks: Gemini, Cancer & Virgo

The Star Sign of Starbucks: Gemini, Cancer & Virgo

The Star Sign of Starbucks: Gemini, Cancer & Virgo.  The true face of the Starbucks atmosphere revealed 😉 . Analyzing the astrology of bars, pubs & restaurants: on the astrogeographic position of the first Starbucks and the company`s birth chart

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Starbucks Store at 1912 Pike Place Market. Seattle photo: Postdlf from w, ccbysa3.0
Starbucks Store at 1912 Pike Place Market. Seattle. The site of the first Starbucks is located on the cardical divide between Gemini and Cancer and in Virgo photo: Postdlf from w, ccbysa3.0

The original first Starbucks coffee shop at Pike Place Market in Seattle was opened on  30 March 1971.

Astrogeographic position of the first Starbuck´s coffee shop for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes its atmosphere and energetical topics and the resonance of the brand with its origin: the site from which Starbuck`s originated is located right on the cardinal divide between practical, neutral air sign Gemini the sign of communication, newspapers, contacts, schools, students, pubercy, signposts, spying and indicator for the green colour and emotional water sign Cancer the sign of the moon, motherhood, the uterus, a living room atmospheref, feeling at home. emotional individualization and a natural indicator for concentrating on one´s own inside in order to feel a cosy atmosphere.
The 2nd coordinate is located in self-protective  earth sign Virgo the sign of reason. optimal use of reeouces and adaptation to market situations, efficiency, low prices, saving money, sense of smell and a scarcity as a luxury.

Starbucks birth chart calculated for 20 March 1971 at 9:00 in the morning

Starbucks was founded with Moon and most probably ascendant too in  Gemini – one of the coordinates of the site of Starbucks first coffee-shop and the resonating sign for the green colour of the Starbucks brand. Venus was in the “longing for relationship with a fast lady/or dream partner” constellation in house 10 and on the  first degree of Pisces the sign of silent communication, intuition, dreaming, fantasies, illusions, entertainment, temples and projections onto the spiritual plane.

That dream-state and partner -dream Venus position was squared by the paralysis of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in early Sagittarius the sign of hunting which sat waiting in house 6 in exact opposition with the Moon in Gemini longing for any practical attempt to communicate across the barriers under the cover of a metamorphical pubertarian high school attitude of togetherness.