Soma Mine Disaster 2014

Soma Mine Disaster 2014

Astrology, Places and und Eevents: Soma Mining Disaster 2014

Grubenunglück von Soma, 13.5.2014, 15:30, Soma, Türkei
Astrological Chart for Soma Mine Disaster on          13  May 2014, 15:30, Soma, Turkey

This is the astrological chart for the disaster in the Soma Coal Mine in Soma in the province of Manisa on Tuesday 13 May 2014. The explosion occured around 15:30. Read more details in wikipedia. The disaster was supposedly initiated by the explosion of a defective power unit which caused the  explosion of gas. The main cause for the high number of casualties was reported to have been death by smoke inhalation.

photo: Philg88 in, ccbysa4.0
photo: Philg88 in, ccbysa4.0

Astrogeographic position: Soma mine is located exactly on the line of 0° of the earth sign Capricorn and 22° of the fire sign Leo.. This correspondence is valid for morphogenetic field level 1which describes the national and supraregional significance of the mine.

Current Transits: the astrological chart shows the positions of the planets in transit on the day of the disaster for comparison with the astrogeographic positions of the mine. This provides the data for interpretation of the national and international significance of the disaster. There were 2 major important astrological transits of planets with particularly intense resonance to the astrogeographic psositions of the Soma coal mine.
1. The Sun at 22° of the earth sign Taurus was moving into an exact square with the astrogeographic position at 22° Leo. A square is the strongest possible aspect of tension in astrology.
2. Saturn at 20° of the water sign Scorpio was moving in a nearly exact opposition to the Sun and in a square with the astrogeographic position of the mine at 22° Leo.
3. Astrogeographic meaning: these two transits brought the two ruling planets of the astrogeographic positions of the mine in tension with each other: The Sun as the ruling planet of Leo and Saturn as the ruler of Capricorn.

Astrological interpretation:

Taurus versus Leo

1. Greed for profit versus egoism
As far as humans are concerned Taurus, the sign of the earth stands for the need to feed ourselves and make money. It`s excess is the greed for profit. The excess of Leo the sign of the Sun and self expression is emotional solipsism and egoism. An aspect of tension between Taurus and Leo indicates a situation where the spheres of these two signs are in conflict with each other. The position of the Soma coal mine in Leo indicates that there is always a danger that mining is practised particularly intense, uncontrolled and inconsiderately. Leo the sign of the Sun and of gold stands for a situation of exploiting ressources like in the case of a gold rush. On the day of the disaster the Sun was in transit through Taurus indicating problems caused by the greed for profit. As the Sun is the natural ruler of Leo this transit hints at a situation where the profit-orientation has been set up alight to such an extent that the fundaments for profit here, the stored energy ressources made out of pure sunlight (brown coal) got under excess pressure.

2. Gravitation: Earth versus Sun
Taurus is the most important astrological indicator for our planet Earth. Leo as the sign of light is the indicator for the Sun in in the gravitation of wich the earth is circling. The disaster occurred one day before a full moon. The gravitational forces are working stronger in the days of the full moon than they do at other times. And these forces do not only have physical, emotional and energetical effects on humans but also on all the layers of the ground under the earth`s surface.

Scorpio versus Leo

1. Political dimension: in the case of humans the fixed mental sign Scorpio stands for the capacity for perception and particularly for our capacity to react to threats and defend ourselves.   This is why it has a tendency to repeat fixed patterns of perceptions and beliefs. Through the aspect of tension Saturn was applying pressure from the sign of Scorpion onto the position of the mine. As far as the turkish society is concerned Saturn in Scorpio could stand for habitual ideological beliefs in hierarchies and traditions, which block the autonomy, self-esteem and self-responsibility (Leo) of individuals.This interpretation is of such great importance here as Saturn`s position in Scorpio was in tension to the coal mine plus to the position of the Sun at the same time. This political dimension of the disaster is also reflected in the intense demonstrations against the turkish government autthorities caused by the mine disaster.

2. Rising pressure in Scorpio
In my experience in astrogeographical and geomantical field studies Scorpio although a water sign stands for especially solid and hard massive rock stratum representing the second hardest astrological sign next to Capricorn. This means that Scorpio indicates situations in which thermal, energetical, psychological pressure and also the accumulation of unsolved issues built up and store the need for events and solutions that could release blocked energies over longer periods of time. Many astrologers are familiar with this reflex of Scorpio through birth chart astrology: Scorpio does not tend to explode frequently but if it does it does it thoroughly. This aspect of Scorpio may also be applied here to understand the events in the Soma coal mine. For this aspect of Scorpio compare:  The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991