Krakatoa and the extreme weather events of 536 AD

Krakatoa and the extreme weather events of 536 AD

Krakatoa Volcano
Krakatoa Volcano Krakatoa and the extreme weather events of 536 AD

Krakatoa and the extreme weather events of 536 AD – Astrology and Events

The extreme weather events between 536 and 542 AD  were the most severe events of short-term episodes of cooling during the last 2000 years. The events are believed to have occured due to an extensive atmospheric dust veil due to either a volcanic eruption near the equator or a debris from a meteorite impact. Its effects occured worldwide causing unusual weather, crop failure and famine. A number of historical events may possibly have been influenced by these events, among it the decline of the Maya City of Teotihuacan and the end of the Roman Empire.

Here is the astrogeographic data for the three volcanoes that have been assumed as a possible origin of the extreme weather events in 536  :

Krakatoa, Indonesia                             4° Leo                 26° Leo                                                        Tavurvur, Papua. New Guinea            11° Cancer           26° Aquarius                                                Lake Lopango, El Salvador                11° Aquarius          1° Taurus

Astrological Chart for supposed eruption of the Krakatoa Volcanoe
Astrological Chart for a plausible date of the supposed eruption of  the Krakatoa Volcano in 536     calculated for March, 1  536 AD, 0:00, Krakatoa, Indonesia

The main astrological aspects of tension in 535 and 536 were the remarkable oppositions of Saturn and of Uranus with Neptune. According to my studies of astrological vulcanology the conjunction of Uranus, Pluto or Saturn with the astrogeographic positions of a volcano for morphogenetic field level 1 is the aspect to be considered most relevant for eruptions. Compare : The Eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991. Supertyphoon Yolanda, San Onofre, Crimea Earthquake, Haiti, Fukushima

Following this assumption the most endangered location in these 2 years was the Krakatoa volcano in the Sunda Strait between the islands Java and Sumatra. Both planets Saturn and Uranus passed the position of Krakatoa at 26° Leo. And as can be seen in the chart above Jupiter was transiting the square of this position at 26° in Scorpio in March 536.

The Tavurvur Volcano which is located on the same axis and exactly opposite the 26° Leo position can in no way be excluded but is less probable to have been the cause of the worldwide effects of an erruption.