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Christ of the Abyss in Scorpio the sign of the underworld

Christ of the Abyss in Scorpio the sign of the underworld. Astrology, sculptures and the magical punctuation of the landscape.

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Christ of the Abyss in Scorpio

The Christ of the Abyss underwater statue is located in Scorpio with Aries
ph:  Francesca KIX D’Errico, ccbysa3.0

Christ of the Abyss is the name of a bronze statue in the sea near the abbey of San Fruttuoso on the peninsula Portofino on the Italian Riviera. The 2.5 meters tall sculpture was placed in the water on August 22, 1954 at 17 meters depth. The pose of the Christ statue is such that it`s face facing the sky or light above the water surface.

Astrogeographical position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the site of the sculpture in the small bay of San Fruttuoso is embedded in the peninsula: The site is located right next to the divide between particularly open air sign Libra the sign of gates and windows and highly alert, defensive water sign Scorpio the sign of sculpting, imaging, visualization, art work, and the blacksmith and stone-mason professions. Scorpio relates to the placement of the statue on an underwater site and through its symbolism as the sign of death, fear, danger, trauma, pain and the underworld especially to the placement on an “Abyss” which is geologically represented her by the fault which formed the San Fruttuoso Bay.

The second coordinate is located right in the middle of highly alert, dynamic, erect, male fire sign Aries. Aries can not only serve as an explanation for the upright posture of the statue and its readiness to confront and embrace the incoming spirits. As the sign of warfare and fighting for survival is may also stand for the threatening aspect of the statue. This aspect of the Christ`s position is not through a weapon but through directing all information to the sky, god and light above as the statue`s face and looks are connecting the site with the sky. This can be seen best in the video at 1:21.

The placement of the Holy Christ on the the first degree in Scorpio is a strong astrological image for the place at the entrance of the abyss (fault) here. This means that the statue was placed here as a guardian or a ruler of the place for protection against the spirits and energies of the abyss here.

This is also reflected by the astrological transits on the day of the placement of the statue at this site. Saturn the sign ruler of Capricorn and natural indicator for guardians was in transit over the first degrees of Scorpio exactly on the resonance coordinates where the guardian sculpture was erected.

Astrological Chart for the day of the placement of the “Christ of the Abyss” sculpture in the sea. Calculated for 22 Aug 1954, 12:00.

The astrological chart for midday shows the conjunction of Saturn with Lilith the dark moon and indicator for suppressed trauma right next to the ascendant in house 12 the house of the unconscious and invisible. This planetary constellation stood for the realms of beings from the spheres of the unaccepted, suppressed, neglected and forgotten.

San Fruttoso monastery built on a fault line

It can be assumed that the San Fruttuso monastery was built on the fault line to protect the land and people from catastrophical events and also from incoming spiritual entities that rise through the fault line from the realms of places deep inside the earth (underworld). The Benedictine monastery was founded in the mid-10th century by Saint Adelaide of Burgundy Queen of Italy and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire ( † 16 Dec 999) and dedicated to the martyr Saint Fructuosus of Tarragona ( † 21 January 256).

 San Fructuoso Mártir in Colmenares de Ojeda
ph: GFreihalter, ccbysa3.0

The following image shows how the San Fruttuoso Bay is located on a fault line in the center of the Portofino peninsula which divides the peninsula into two halves.

San Fruttuoso in the center of the Portofino peninsula
San Fruttuoso located right on the fault in the center of the Portofino peninsula which divides the peninsula into two halfs.