A Queens Bath in Virgo and Scorpio

A Queens Bath in Virgo and Scorpio

A Queens Bath in Virgo and Scorpio. Astrology, Travelling, Nature & Beautiful Places: the astrogeographical position of a natural pool that allows relaxed bathing and Scorpio as the sign of containerd with Virgo as the protection from the ocean

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Queen`s Bath located in Virgo with Scorpio

Queens Bath is the name for a natural pool on the north coast of Kauai, Hawaii.
Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the area  is embedded in the landscape: the pool is located in the solid, fixed water sign Scorpio the sign of containers and natural indicator for the waterhole and pool. Sccorpio appears as the “container principle” which provides a stable form for water here.
The 2nd coordinate is located in self-protective earth sign Virgo the opposite sign (and opposite element) of Pisces the major indicator for the invisible, unknown, undconscious and uncontrollable aspects of the open sea. Virgo as the sign of harbours and of facing or confronting the ocean stands for save and protected bathing and for being sheltered from the open sea by a barrier (the equivalent of the hymen) here.

photo: Johlum, cco1.0 A Queen`s Bath in Virgo and Scorpio
Queens Bath on Kauai is locted in Virgo with Scorpio  photo: Johlum, cco1.0