City of Detroit files for bankruptcy protection

City of Detroit files for bankruptcy protection

On Thursday, 18 July 2013 the City of Detroit filed for bankruptcy protection (USA Today article) in federal court. It is the largest town and the largest case of bankruptcy of a city in the history of the USA.

The whole town of Detroit is located in the constellation of the two earth signs Capricorn (10°) and Taurus (18°) for radius/field level 2 which describes how a town is embedded in the region.

Capricorn stands for expertise, efficiency and stability but also for the persistence of social hierarchies and encrusted structures within bureaucracy. Taurus the sign of marketplaces is a really auspicious aspect for economical growth and prosperity but may be considered as being intensely related to agriculture. The combination of the two signs should not be seen as a contradiction to Automobile industry but it occurs particularly in places related to departments of agriculture (Karnak and Tian Tan temples).

Astrological Sunrise Chart for Detroit Bankruptcy, July, 18 2013
Astrological Sunrise Chart for Detroit Bankruptcy,      July, 18 2013

The above astrological chart reveals the situation of transiting planets on 18 July 2013. The astrogeographical coordinates of the town of Detroit were questioned by the long term transits of Pluto and Saturn. Saturn the ruler of Capricorn occupied Scorpio the opposition sign of Taurus demanding solutions for the economical situation. This aspect could even indicate a problem of the inhabitants and the ruling political classes of being realistically organized or even grounded in the region. Pluto the ruler of Scorpio was exactly on the coordinate of the town centre at 10° Capricorn demanding a matamorphosis of political structures, social hierarchies and the ruling as well as the oppressed classes. The aspects of extreme tension for the position of Detroit brought up by the transits of Mercury at 13° Cancer and Uranus at 12° Aries may also be considered to judge the town´s current situation.

The astrogeographical constellation of the site of the Finance Departement of Detroit Building is located in the first degrees of the fire sign Sagitarius and the last degrees of the water sign Scorpio for radius/field level 4, which describes the topics and the atmosphere of the Finance Department itself. The coordinate in Scorpio was occupied by the transiting Moon on 18 July putting the weight of the strongest physical gravitation among all astrological planets on the Finance Department on that day.

author:PeRshGo license:ccbysa3.0
City of Detroit files for bankruptcy protection author:PeRshGo license:ccbysa3.0

The “Spirit of Detroit” statue is positioned at the southwest corner of the building of the Finance Department of Detroit. Therefore it may be seen as symbolic of the current situation. Both coordinates of the site are at about 0° of the fire sign Sagitarius, the sign of the priest caste and therefore the sign of the caste system in general. This is because the highest social class in the traditional caste systems is the priest caste. The inscription behind the sculpture makes use of a bible quote from Paulus letter to the Corinthians (2 Corinthians 3:17):   


If one reads the inscription as symbolic of the constellation in Sagitarius we can interprete the meaning of the “Lord” here as an emblem of the “Priest Caste” so that the true meaning of the inscription would be: “where the priest caste (church) rules there is liberty”. For the site of a Finance Department this would not necessearily have anything to do with religion and not even the church at all but rather stand for the manipulation of social institutions by the castes of politicians, civil servants and possibly even scientists.

Should the Finance Department be moved to another place? Yes this may help and I want to recommend a site located in the constellation of the two earth signs Capricorn and Taurus for a more efficient and profitable management of the town´s budget. The position in Sagitarius frequently occurs at the sites of institutions and it may have positive effects by stimulating an easy or smooth atmosphere. But as the 12th sign from Capricorn the sign of auditing it is to be considered as the first indicator of corrupution together with the sign of Pisces.