Bill Gates & the Astrology of the Microsoft Headquarters

Bill Gates & the Astrology of the Microsoft Headquarters

The west campus of Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, Washington, taken from about 1,500'
The west campus of Microsoft Headquarters, Redmond, Washington, taken from about 1,500′

Astrology, People and Places:  Bill Gates & the Astrology of the Microsoft Headquarters

The headquarters of Microsoft in Redmond, Washington State were built in the constellation of the water sign Scorpio with the earth sign Capricorn. These coordinates are valid for astrogeographical radius level 3 which shows how the building is embedded in the environment.
Both signs Capricorn as well as Scorpio are to be seen as highly defensive as they indicate the need for separation from the outside world and the importance as well as the deficiencies of the defense system.  Capricorn as the sign of professional efficiency, control and authority can be seen as a tendency of being closely related to government institutions. The constellation of the site so describes the buildings as a stronghold indicating hierarchical structures among the company`s employees.
Scorpio as the principle and capacity of perception may well stand here for the most successful of all Microsoft products which is Windows. And this aspect of Scorpio especially counts for the transversion of programming language into pictures through substituting a user interface with input lines by folders appearing in windows, that are hierarchically linked with each other.
Overall, the constellation does not stand for inventions and innovative ideas in the first place, but rather indicates an efficiency-focused organization structure (Capricorn), the urge for control over markets and the company`s straight politics of making use of already existing inventions and concepts.

The combination of the two particularly solid and durable signs Capricorn and Scorpio is known for it`s dogmatic, ideological and hierarchical qualities and impact and often closely related to foreign control and fascistoid concepts. Compare the oldest temple worldwide – the 11000 year old mountain sanctuary at Göbekli Tepe in the same constellation.

Bill Gates Birth Chart

Bill Gates, 28/10/1955, 22:00, Seattle

Bill Gates the legendary founder of Microsoft was born on 28/10/1955 at 22:00 in Seattle with the Sun in Scorpio and the Ascendant at 27° Cancer.

In his birth chart the position of the Microsoft Headquarters in Capricorn stands for the sixth house which indicates aspects of work, reason, adjustment to the necessary and expedience.

These are the likely conclusions here:  it can  be assumed that one of Bill Gates main purposes when deciding for the company`s headquarter to be built here, was that the site was comparatively cheap in price and that for this reason the place appeared financially advantageous for the long-term development of the company. It was his intention to work here and adjust to the demands of the job. He saw himself as an employee. Places in house 6 support our readiness to work extensively and adjust to the necessities. The sixth house and organ particularly supports careful decisions and sound strategical planning, securing one´s claims and the working and living at the same place. For the aspect of economical success in house 6 compare Angela Merkel`s constellation at the New Chancellery.

The astrogeographical coordinate in Scorpio stands for the 5th house in Bill Gate´s birth chart. This constellation is typical for the royal position of being the king at a place.  It so supports self esteem, enjoying life and having fun. It can be interpreted as being highly favourable for any situation in life as it supports individuals in seeing and experiencing themselves as the boss in their own lives. It also supports health as it stimulates self expression and not wanting or having to hold back one`s personal emotions.