Sedona Cathedral Rock and the magic of Sagittarius with Leo

Sedona Cathedral Rock and the magic of Sagittarius with Leo. Astrology, sacred sites, nature, travelling and shamanism reflected in astrogeographical field studies.

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photo: Tomas Castelazo license: ccsa3.0
Sedona Cathedral rock is located in the combination of Leo with Sagittarius photo: Tomas Castelazo license: ccsa3.0

Sedona Cathedral Rock is a famous natural landmark formation of red sandstone in Coconino National Forest ca. 5 km south of Sedona,  Arizona. The summit elevation of Cathedral Rock is 1,514 m while Sedona is located at 1330 m altitude.

Astrogeographic position of Cathedral Rock for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the whole of the 450 m diameter rock formation is embedded in the land: the astrogeographical longitude coordinate lies in highly energetic, magnetic, emotional, royal fire sign Leo sign of the sun, light, birth, power stations, the heart chakra, red colour, sexuality, emotional self-expression and self-centeredness, physiotherapy and lightwork. The astrogeographical latitude falls in dynamical, mental fire sign Sagittarius the sign of searching, aiming, watching, observatories, shamanism, initiation, healing, philosophy, thinking, circles, time measurement and sites of ritual fire sacrifice.

In the  combination of Leo with Sagittarius the sign of the biggest object in our solar system – the sun itself is combined with the sign of Jupiter the solar system´s largest planet. Sagittarius is known to stimulate the expansion of any sign. If combined with Leo Sagittarius helps expand the sign`s self-centering emotionality, its royal appeal and the right for self expression.

Cathedral Rock seen from the North.     photo: Wendy, ccbysa2.0