Astrogeography Consultations – Professional locational astrology service via phone & skype with Georg Stockhorst. Contact me via email: or phone: 0049 (0)30 3451233 – my office times are 10:00 – 18:00 CET (Central European Time).

For more detailed information see my consultancy page.

I am the inventor, developer and editor of the holistic astrological-geomantical and astrogeographical systems behind my Astrogeographical World Map. 

I published 6 astrological geomantical maps and  town plans in print since the 1990ties:

Printed Astrological maps and town plans

My consultation service gives you precise interpretations of your relationship with any exact address of a house or real estate, town or region worldwide. There is no other astrological solution that is able to provide such precision of individualized chart analysis for places. My interpretation follows the basic principles of astrological psychology. Places are seen as stimulators of our own inherent potentials and topics of individual karmic development.

My astrogeographical chart reading is dedicated to helping you understand your individual energetical, psychological and karmic relationship to places. Consultations are dedicated at helping you find a good way of dealing with the stimulation you get from the place to try and make the best out of your experience and performance wherever you are.. My astrological mapping system is based on a holographic structure that allows calculating the qualities of a place on 6 different size levels of fields.

For example: your relationship to a particular larger region may be highly positive. But not all the towns in a region have the same qualities. One town may particularly support feeling at home and founding a family another support finding a new partner and yet another may stimulate financial gains and career. My consultations here will be designed to help you differentiate between the region, the qualities of a single town particular house or real estate in the area that supports settling down, growing roots and grounding.

Typical question: Can you recommend addresses or towns x,y,z for living, working, opening my own business, income, learning, travelling, self-finding, contacts, love, sex, healing? Apart from that my consultations can include answering all types of questions from other fields of astrology for example questions like:

What can you recommend for making the best out of a place? Can you recommend opening up a business with person X at a particular address? Would you recommend buying a property with my partner and what is the difference of relationship to the place for the two of us? Do you see energetical problems at the site and how should I deal with them? When should I move, buy, sell? How can I understand what happened to me at a particular house or town? Which types of plants can you recommend for a particular place on my real estate? What should I know about my real estate when I want to develop myself, my business, partnership, self-finding?

How to make an appointment? Please send me an email to with a proposal for date and time spaces suitable for your demands. Since I`m in the Central European Time Zone (EST) we need to find a convenient time space for talking via landline phone, skype, facebook or zoom between 10:00 and 20.00 EST. Find out the difference of your local time zone with mine at this page! I have a landline (no mobile) flat-rate for European countries and the USA and Canada – so I could call you up via landline.

Costs and payment:
15 min. 40 €
30 min. 60 €
60 min. 100 €
Instant payments can be transferred via Paypal Plus. As soon as we have made an appointment you will receive an invoice to your emailaccount. Please do not send payments before we have made an appointment.