The Stardreaming Temples Project in New Mexico

Astrology, & Sacred Sites: The Stardreaming Temples Project in New Mexico
The Stardreaming Temples Project in New Mexico  also called “Temples of the Cosmos” project is a group of 16 open air ornamental installations near Santa Fe, New Mexico created by american visionary artist James Jereb.
The names of the installations are: Temple of the Sun, Temple of the Rainbow Serpent, Temple of the Milky Way, Temple of the Violet Flame, Faery Ring, Temple of the Heart, Temple of Lightning, Temple of Infinity, Temple of the Stars, Temple of New Atlantis, Temple of Magic 13 Grandmothers,  Temple of the Moon, Temple of Avalon, Rainbow Whale Altar, Temple of Dreams

From the Stardreaming project website: “On Fall Equinox 2000 Jereb began building temples of stone at Stardreaming south of Santa Fe, New Mexico. These marked the beginning of the Temples of the Cosmos, 16 open-air temples/labyrinths over 22 acres. Approximately 50 different kinds of stone were used to build the Temples of the Cosmos. 600 tons of stone were used. The stones come from sources throughout the United States and Mexico. The stone ranges in size from huge boulders of quartz and granite to chipped pieces of obsidian and red jasper. Each temple is oriented to specific stellar, lunar or solar alignments. Each temple has its own creation story, unique design, type of stone used, and time of the year it was built. Created according to the Hermetic tradition of revered geometry, alchemy and magic, these temples, or vortices, create a portal for divine energy and healing.” “In creating these temples, the stone taught me surrender, trust, love and humility.””
Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the project area is embedded in the land: the astrogeographical latitude coordinate lies in dynamical, mental fire sign Sagittarius the sign of searching, aiming, watching, observatories, shamanism, initiation, philosophy, thinking, style, design, fashion, luxury, ornamentation, circles and all types of round and semi-circled forms. The ornamental circle installations are symptomatic of the presence of Sagittarius at the site.
The 2nd coordinate lies in highly dynamic, male fire sign Aries sign of action, speed, warfare, fighting, ignition, sports, motivation for new starts and of unicellular beings.
The combination of these two fire signs stands for an atmosphere that support activity, adventure and sports rather than deep relaxation and meditation.
Stardreaming project Start Equinocx 2000 calculated for 22 September 2000 at 11:28 for Santa Fe New Mexico
Stardreaming Project Start at the autumnal equinox of the year 2000 calculated for 22 September 2000 at 11:28 for Santa Fe New Mexico