A 500 tons fireplace in massive, fixed earth sign Taurus

A 500 tons fireplace in massive, fixed earth sign Taurus

Astrology & Restaurants: A 500 tons fireplace in highly profitable, massive, fixed earth sign Taurus: Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park.

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Old Faithful Inn in Astrology
An example for the combination of Taurus with Gemini: Old Faithful Inn in July 2003. The building has been called “the largest block-house worldwide”.

One of the oldest and largest rustic log hotels in the U.S. is Old Faithful Inn which lies within view of Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. The hotel was built near the drive-through road in 1904 around a monstrous 500 tons fireplace

The mighty fire place is the center of Old Faithful Inn is located photo: Krool1969, ccbysa3.0
According to my astrogeographical worldmap calcuation system the mighty fire place is the center of Old Faithful Inn and located Taurus ph. lic.: Krool1969, ccbysa3.0

Taurus for the restaurant function

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the site building itself: one coordinate of the central restaurant building is located in solid, fixed earth sign Taurus sign of food, kitchens, agriculture, farming, cows, bisons, market places, local energetic centers and of possession of territory. Since kitchens and fire places represent the source and access to food they make important meeting, gathering centers of any household. Related to the important function of kitchens is also the fact that they represent the part of buildings that are occupied more time of the day than any other space. This too makes their function central for inhabitants, visitors, owners and people in charhe of the control over buildings.

Also typical for solid fixed earth sign Taurus which probably represents the astroloigal equivalent of the physical largest among the 12 zodiac signs is the massiveness of the fireplace making it the center (focus = fire place in latin) of all touristic installations on the Upper Geyer Basin.

Gemini for the visitor center

The 2nd coordinate of the construction site of Old Faithful Inn lies in practical air sign Gemini the sign of roads, intelligence, communication, learning, road crossings, signposts, symbols, practical solutions, technology, polarity and of bringing opposites together. The position in Gemini relates to the function of the building as an information and meeting center and a building of symbolical importance for visitors.

Also a typical element of Gemini as an air sign is the light-frame wooden scaffolding construction of “Old Faitful Inn” which has been called the “largest block house in the world”. Such light-weight constructions may be explored as as a symptomatic element of US culture.

The 3 air signs are natural indicators for light – weight construction. Aquarius for example is the main astrological indicator for tents.

Old Faithful Inn Interior
Old Faithful Inn Interior. While the massiveness of the stone wall fire place can be examined as a resonance with the position in massive earth sign Taurus the wooden scaffoldings, stairs, pathways, bridges, roof and walls represent elements of resonance of air sign Gemini