The Eruption of the Killer Lakes Nyos and Mounon

The Eruption of the Killer Lakes Nyos and Mounon

The Eruption of the Killer Lakes Nyos and Mounon & the role of Virgo at volcanic sites

National Geographic documentary video about the process of investighation of the limnic eruptions at Lakes Monoun and Nyos

Lake Nyos in Cameroun is an inactive volcano crater lake that was formed by an eruption about 5 centuries ago. Together with Lake Monoun which is located only 95km southeast and Lake Kivu located between Democratic Republic Congo and Rwanda Lake Nyos is the only lake in the world that contains and releases large amounts of CO2. The limnic eruptions in these lakes are caused by highly concentrated carbon dioxide that are accumulated at the deep bottoms of these lakes through volcanic gases released from the volcanic pipes below.

Lake Nyos pipe lymnic degassing in operation. The 200-meter-long pipe is suspended from the raft and allows gas-rich water from the lake bottom to vent to the surface, where the CO2 dissipates into the atmosphere at a controlled rate. The shed on the control raft is about 6 feet tall and the fountain is about 120 feet tall
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On 21 August 1986 at 21:30 a Mazuku (swahili: evil wind) or so called limnic eruption released over 80 million cubic meters of highly concentrated carbon dioxide (CO2) killing around all living beings including 1,700 people and 3,500 livestock by asphyxiation in an area as about 10 to 15 km near the lake. In 2001 a 200 m long pipe was installed in the lake that permanently releases CO2 permanently sending out a fountain 120 ft up in the air.

The 1984 limnic eruptions at Lake Mounon and the 1986 event at Lake Nyos occured within only 2 years time, There is no evidence about the periodicity of such eruptions. Although rumour about such events have been passed on by the local people the last eruptions must have taken place a longer while ago.

Astrogeographic position of Lake Nyos for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the lake is embedded in the area: one coordinate is located in between earth sign Taurus sign of the earth, grounding, growing roots and air sign Gemini sign of pathways, bridges and a potential indicator for the release of gas. Virgo is also present at the site of Lake Monoun!!!!
The 2nd coordinate lies in earth sign Virgo sign of skins. Virgo`s role may include the functions of the skin of transpiration and exhalation. And as the sign of the hymen it indicates a thin protection cover like a skin or crust above the volcanic crater and could so stand for the stopgap function of the lake as a site where the tension from the magma field below is released. 

Another astrological aspect of earth sign Virgo is its role as the corresponding sign of the intestinal organs which in regard to the astrogeographic position of Lakes Mounon and Nyos relates to their location above volcanic pipes through which gas from the magma chambers is excreted. Virgo appears as a sign of exhalation here.

Astrogeographic position of Lake Monoun for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the lake is embedded in the area: Lake Mounon is located in the combination of earth sign Virgo with solid, stable, conservative earth sign Capricorn.

Here are some thoughts about the role of Virgo at volcanic sites: 

Two other volcanic places where Virgo plays a major role are the 2 largest geyser fields in the world Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park located in Virgo and between Scorpio & Sagittarius and Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka located in Virgo with Aries. This brings me back to the idea of Virgo´s function as the sign of the skin to protect and control respiration and transpiration in the human system which in some regards could be compared to the function of the volcanic crater as a stopgap for the release of tension from the magma chambers below. Virgo does not stand for the site where pressure on magma, water or gas reaches its maximum like in places corresponding to particularly hard and solid signs like Scorpio or Capricorn nor the sites of extreme heat like the 3 fire signs. But on the other hand it is not an indicator for openings as would be the three air signs or highly instable water sign Pisces.

The astrological charts reveal stunning parallels

Astrological Chart for the Limnic Eruption at Lake Monoun on 15 August 1984 calculated for 23:45 – time is approximate not exact source: National Geographic video

The position of the ascendant and house system in the astrological chart for the limnic eruption at Lake Mounon is approximate but not exact to the minute.The nearly exact opposition of Uranus in Sagittarius with Chiron in Gemini is to be considered as a highly plausible indication for the causes of the eruption for 2 reasons: first of all because the same constellation can be observed also in the astrological chart for the Lake Mounon incident. And secondly because both planets Chiron the ruler and indicator of Virgo as one of the 2 astrogeographical coordinates at both lakes (Lake Mounon & Lake Nyos) and Uranus the planet of eruptions (and farting) were in exact opposition with each other and in a square position to Virgo both putting stress on the astrogeographical positiuon of the lake. 

The opposition of Chiron with Uranus is intensly aspected by a third factor in exact aspect: The conjunction of Venus with Mercury in Virgo between 10 and 14° Virgo which fell right on the midpoint of the lake. Venus role as the ruler of Taurus the sign of the ground and gravitation would support the theory that the effects of a landslide could have triggered the eruption of the accumulated carbon dioxide. 

The fact that the Sun was moving through the last decade of Leo (15th and 21st of August) during the two limnic eruptions is an aspect which appears to be a relevant factor too. Of course this may simply have to do with seasonal aspects like the effects of temperature or amounts of spring water flowing into the lake at the particular seasonal period in the middle of August. Astrologically the Sun`s transit through Leo which represents the 12th sign from Virgo and as such an aspect of destabilization. And especially the last degrees of the 12th sign just like in the case of a 12th house aspect could be judged to represent a climax of destabilization of the situation at the lake.

Astrological Chart for the  Lake Nyos limnic eruption on 21 August 1996 around 21:30 calculated for Lake Nyos, Camerountime data source: german wikipedia article

The ascendant and house system in the astrological chart for the limnic eruption at Lake Nyos is approximate but not exact to the minute.
At the Lake Nyos incident the tension of the exact opposition between Chiron in Gemini and Uranus in Sagittarius was further intensified by Jupiter`s exact square position to both planets from 20° Pisces and even conjunct the Moon.