The 1937 Bombing of Guernica in Astrology

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Ruins in Guernica in 1937 ph: Bundesarchiv, 183-H25224 /ccbysa 3.0

The 1937 Bombing of Guernica in Astrology

The 1937 Bombing of Guernica in Astrology. The Saturn ingress into Aries indicating the start of World War 2, Pluto in house 10 as symbol for dropping of bombs.

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The 1937 Bombing of Guernica in Astrology

The bombing of Guernica was one of the first incidents of terror bombing on civilians in history.

Ruinen in Guernica
Ruins in Guernica in 1937 ph: Bundesarchiv, 183-H25224 /ccbysa 3.0

The bombing of Guernica on 26 April 1937 was an aerial attack on the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. It was carried out by the fascist German and Italian air forces Condor Legion and Aviazione Legionaria in support of the spanish fascist government under General Franco which had taken over control of Spain in the Spanish coup of July 1936 against the Second Spanish Republic.
The attack was carried out under the code name: Operation Rügen. At the time of the bombing, the population of Guernica was 7,000 people, and the battlefront was 30 kilometres away. The first wave of attacking airplanes arrived over Guernica around 16:30.

Astrogeographic position for field level 1 which describes the global, international meaning of the incident:  the town of Guernica is located at 5° of technology orientated air sign Gemini and 9° of water sign Cancer which explains an intense resonance with the astrogeographic position of Berlin at 10° Cancer.

Bombing of Guernica
Astrological horoscope chart for the Bombing of Guernica by the Fascist German “Luftwaffe” on 26 April 1937 at 16:30. It was the first terror bombing in the history of mankind
  • The attack occurred only one day after Saturn´s ingress into Aries on 25 April 1937 at 6:29 (GMT). Saturn´s ingress into Aries the sign of warfare and a major astrological indicator for German culture and therefore for Germany as a nation explains the attack as a beginning of the German strategical preparations for World War 2.
  • Mars the ruler of Aries in transit of 5° of fire sign Sagittarius the sign of aiming, shooting, travelling and apart from that the most important indicator for Spanish culture was in exact opposition to the astrogeographical coordinate of Guernica at 5° Gemini (field level 1). Because of his role as the ruler of Aries Mars represented also the ruler of Saturn`s position in Aries on that day.
  • The fact that there were no major transits of the outer, slower planets in relation to the astrogeographical coordinates of Guernica explains that the town itself was of minor importance and the attack represented rather a test for the German and Italian air forces than a major turning point or decisive battle in the Spanish Civil War.
  • In regard to the role of this chart as an introduction to the era of terror bombing Pluto`s position in house 10 (the sky above the town) in opposition to Jupiter in house 4 which refers to the town and people on the ground can be seen as almost archetypal for bombings.
  • generally considered as the planet of bombs as such Pluto is also the indicator for the attack coming from above through the 10th house position. 
  • Jupiter in house 4 the house of being at home represents the civilians and local population at their homes while
  • Venus in Aries in house 7 (above the eastern horizon) and in a square to Jupiter is a second indication for the threat to the town and the hunting of victims by the attacking airplanes.

The town of Guernica was selected by General Franco as a target for this first air strike because of the important symbolic meaning of the town for the Basque people. The famous oak tree at Guernica represented a central symbol of independence of the people of the Basque nation.