Queen’s Head Rock – the ocean and the wind as sculptors

Astrology and Art: Queen’s Head Rock  – the ocean and the wind as sculptors

Video: Queen’s Head at Yehliu Geopark, Taipei. 女王頭觀星 

Queen`s Head at Wanli, Taiwan carved out of the sedimentary rock by wind and water is located in air sign Libra with water sign Pisces photo: Alton.arts license: ccbysa3.0
Libra for the princess & Pisces for an imaginary dream world. Queen`s Head at Wanli, Taiwan carved out of the rock by wind and water is located in air sign Libra with water sign Pisces.  ph: Alton.arts, ccbysa3.0

Pisces with Libra: Queen’s Head Rock – the ocean and the wind as sculptors – the magical spirits of the place becoming visible:

The Queen’s Head Rock at Cape Yehliu Geopark in Wanli, Taiwan. is an example of magical hoodoo stone sculpture carved by the wind, rain and sun carving. The magical Miocene rock formations shaped by wind, water and floods created a number of hoodoo stones on a beach at Cape Yehliu. The “Queen`s Head” can easily be interpreted as a sculpture of Nofretete.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic radius/field level 4  which describes the actual the sculpture and the atmosphere of the site itself.: the sculpture has one coordinate in mystic spiritual water sign Pisces the ocean, imagination, dreaming, mystification, temples, music, art, the spiritual plane and the other-world. Pisces as the sign of the ocean stands for the forces of the seawater which erode solid rock on the shores. It is known for its qualities of stimulating imagination and the re-connection with the dream world, sleep state and the spiritual plane. Pisces` quality is highly supportive for the sites of temples, monuments and all places dedicated to arts because it supports letting go of mental control and helps stimulate imagination. Therefore it is an ideal aspect for art galleries and music halls.

The second coordinate at the site is in aristocratic, female air sign Libra the sign of princesses, angels, beauty, relationship, love, marriage, balance, hair-do, decoration, dancing and stage performance. Venus in her aspect as the planet of beauty and love is the ruling planet of the female sign Libra.  It explains why images of females are more easily related to the sculptures created by the forces of nature here.  Libra could even indicate that the place attracts female spirits which assemble here influencing the forms created in the process of the shaping of the hoodoo figures. As an air sign Libra does not support the stability of the rock but rather stands for the wind as an element supporting the process of erosion. In combination with Pisces Libra is known to form the constellation of the dream partner and of dream-like beauty. The spiritual entities related to Libra in its aspect as the sign of angels could even be imagined to attempt to beautify the place and create beautiful sculptures. As an air sign it is the indicator for the influence of the wind here. And as the sign of stage performance it represents an equally ideal aspect for an art gallery as Pisces.