The astrogeographic constellations for the Champions League Final 2014

The astrogeographic constellations for the Champions League Final 2014

Astrology and Places: the astrogeographic constellations for the Champions League Final 2014

Why Madrid? Jupiter over Madrid and the Moon conjunct Uranus in exact trine with the city…..

On the evening of 24 May 2014 the world of football will be focus on Estádio da Luz in Portugal`s capital Lisbon for  this year`s Champion`s League Final. The Final will be played between two teams from one and the same town: Real Madrid C.F. and Atlético de Madrid will be playing their city derby in the most important match of world club football. This brings us to the question: is there an astrogeogeographic constellation that explains why all the success will be on the side of Madrid on that day?

Astrogeographic position of Madrid:  the astrogeographic coordinates for Madrid are located at about 15° of the dynamic mental fire sign Sagittarius and 19° of the emotional water sign Cancer. This constellation is valid for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes how the city is embedded in the Iberian Peninsula.

The astrological Chart for the Champion`s Leaque Final: A quick glance at the astrological chart for the evening of the final reveals the relation between the astrological transits of the day and the astrogeographic coordinates for Madrid:

Astrological Chart for the UEFA Champions League Final 24 May 2014, 20:45, Lisbon
Astrological Chart for the UEFA Champions League Final 24 May 2014, 20:45, Lisbon

First of all: Jupiter will be located exactly on the degree of Madrid at 19° Cancer.  As Jupiter moves through one sign per year its position falls in a different sign every year. This is why Jupiter`s transit describes the quality of a year and its position is so important for the evaluation of of the astrology of annual championships. Secondly the transit of Saturn at 19° Scorpio in an exact trine to the position in Cancer is to be seen as a second extremely favourable aspect for the town. This is because trines are the most harmonious aspects in astrology especially as they support unhindered unfolding of one`s potentials. The third extremely auspiscious transit for the City of Madrid on 24 May will be an exact trine too: the Moon and Uranus will be conjunct at 15° Aries in exact trine to Madrid`s second astrogeographic coordinate at 15° Sagittarius. As Uranus and Saturn are slow-moving planets their aspects should last for a longer period of time. This could even indicate that the UEFA Cup Final simply is the apex of a highly positive and stabilizing process of change that the spanish capital and along with it the whole country is going through.

I think the astrogeographic constellation clearly explains how auspiscious the transits are for the City of Madrid on this 24 May 2014. As can be seen the astrogeographic constellations give us a glimpse on the perfect precision of the resonance between astrological transits and the qualities of places. And without my astrogeographical world map this whole plane of reality would have remained unnoticed.

photo: Alvesgaspar liocense: ccbysa3.0
Estádio da Luz,  Lisbon           photo: Alvesgaspar liocense: ccbysa3.0

 Estádio da Luz the “Stadium of Light” was built for the UEFA Euro 2004 and opened on 25 October 2003. The name derives from its design which tries to make use of as much natural light as possible. One coordinate of the stadium is located in between the highly imaginative water sign Pisces and the crative, innovative air sign Aquarius the sign of the sky. Aquarius is a major indicator for the architecture of gothic cathedrals the purpose of which was the attempt to bring more sunlight into churches. Compare: Our Lady of Chartres.

The second coordinate of Estadio da Luz too is located in Pisces. In regard to the purpose of catching the light inside of a stadium the role of Pisces is very fascinating as the sign itself represents night and darkness. This indicates that the “Stadium of Light” was built in a place where the astrogeographic (or morphogenetic) stimulation is such that the sensual organs are more relaxed and receptive to perception than in other places. This may not intensify the sunlight itself of course but rather our perception of light.  

This constellation is valid for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the stadium is embedded in the town of Lisbon.

Which of the two teams has better constellations in Estadio da Luz and in the City of Lisbon?

For an astrogeographic interpretation the astrogeographic coodinates of the stadium should be compared with the astrological charts for the foundation of the two clubs. Which astrogeographic field level should be applied for the interpretation? Field level 4 the smallest fields in my astrogeographical method is only about 100 – 150 m in side length. This means that the fields are too small to include a whole stadium. This is why this field level is not really suitable for football stadiums as the two goals would most probably be located in two different signs. Therefore astrogeographic field level 3 the next larger size level of fields is the better choice for defining and understanding the energetic atmosphere of a stadium. Apart from that for international competitions also field level 1 could be considered which would give us a hint at the astrogeographic disposition of the region where the event takes place.

Foundation Charts for Real and Athletico

The astrological charts are calculated with equally large houses for sunrise of the day of the foundation of each club.

Interpretation for field level 3

Real Madrid:  the coordinate in the last degree of Aquarius and the first degree of Pisces falls in the 12th house of the astrological sunrise chart for Real Madrid. The 12th house aspect could iindicate that the team may lose control over the situation in some moments. A way of using this aspect in a positive way might be to make use of the aspect by trying to confuse one`s opponent through tactical variations and rapid changes of one`s play. Because of the great tactical skills of Real´s italian coach Carlo Ancelotti the chances are there that a solution for the demands of this aspect may be found.

The 2nd coordinate in the middle of the water sign Pisces is conjunct the Sun and Mars in the 1st house of Real`s foundation chart. This aspect is to be seen as extremely auspiscious. It stands for a strife for dominance and the strong reflex to attack. It makes Real the favourite and could have the effect that the team is expected and expects itself to have to be winning. It should support that the players in their attempt to be present on the field may tend to mobilize all their physical energies and fight for every bit of territory.

But the combination of the 1st with the 12th houses is known for the possibility of highly problematic moments, because the two single aspects work in very distinct directions. While the first house supports concentrating on physical strength and the performance of individual players the 12th house indicates focussing on one`s imagination and may in some moments lead to a lack of concentration. This is why the constellation is considered as an indicator for making mistakes or the ball to move in directions which it wasn`t intended to.

Table of Aspects for Real Madrid in Estadio da Luz
Table of Aspects for Real Madrid in Estadio da Luz

Athletico Madrid: the coordinate in between Aquarius and Pisces supports the 10th house for Athletico. House 10 indicates a situation of standing in public territory and not having control over the territory on the field. This could could mean that Athletico is facing a situation where it has to adjust to the habitual hierarchy in relation to its by far richer and more successful neighbour. The aspect should stimulate the alertness and motivation of each single player to do whatever is necessary to support the team.

The coordinate in the middle of Pisces is conjunct the position of Jupiter in house 11. This aspect does not stand for control over the territory and could even mean that the team will be neglected by the referee. But it may be auspiscious for fast counter attacks and also for gaining air control. It stands for fast action and sudden tactical changes and could stimulate creativity. The aspect of  house 11 could also stand for the sympathy that many people in Europe may feel with Atletico as the team proves that there still is a chance for financially poorer clubs to win against the top 7 or 8 superrich clubs in Europe.

Table of Aspects for Atlético Madrid in Estadio da Luz
Table of Aspects for Atlético Madrid in Estadio da Luz

Interpretation for field level 1:

The astrogeographic position for the City of Lisbon is located at about 10° of the air sign Libra the sign of beauty and decoration which relates to Lisbon as one of the nmost beautuful cities worldwide. The 2nd coordinate is located at about 0° of the earth sign Virgo which as the opposite sign of Pisces the sign of the ocean represents the most important astrological indicator for ports. This constellation is valid for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes how Lisbon is embedded in the Iberian peninsula.

Here are for comparison the sunrise charts for the two coaches Carlo Ancelotti for Real and Diego Sineone for Athletico Madird.

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