Venus rising in Aquarius: The Cheljabinsk Meteorite in Astrology

author: Svetlana Korzhova  license: ccbysa3.0
author: Svetlana Korzhova license: ccbysa3.0

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Venus rising in Aquarius: The Cheljabinsk Meteorite in Astrology

Tscheljabinsk Meteorite Explosion, ca. 30-50 km altitude
15 February 2013, 9:13, calculated for Cheljabinsk, Russia

Because of the widely spreads pieces of the meteorite, which exploded in about 30-60 km above the earth´s surface no central impact crater could be found so far. Suisse newspaper „Tagesanzeiger“ reports that a 6 metres wide crater has been found near Lake Chebarkul about 65 km west of Chelyabinsk.

Astrogeographical radius level 1 is particularly meaningful in cases of natural events of global importance. Venus at the time of the incident was passing the exact astrogeographical position of the center of the city of Chelyabinsk at 16° in Aquarius. The second coordinate of Chelyabinsk is in the water sign Cancer. Radius level 1 indicates how the region in which a place lies is embedded in a continent. The precision of the astrogeographical position is stunning, but only for the city of Cheljabinsk. Small scattered particles of the meteorite have been found about 65 km west of Chelyabinsk near Chebarkul Lake, whose position is between 5° and 8° of Aquarius. This coincidence could explain why the worldwide attention was mainly drawn to the city of Cheljabinsk.

The event took place only a few hours before the asteroid 2012 DA14, which is about 3 times larger in diameter passed the earth in about 27000 km distance. An astrological interpretation of this coincidence of the contact with two asteroids on the same day should focus on the meaning of Venus and the event be classified either as a “meeting event” (Libra aspect of Venus) or as an “event of attraction” (Taurus aspect of Venus). Or both. This event took place in the stratosphere (Aquarius) and could be interpreted to have happened in order to deliver to humanity the information and awareness about the “actual sphere of the full capacity of potentials” (Aquarius).