The Temple Mount at Jerusalem in Astrology

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Pisces and Taurus - The Temple Mount at Jerusalem photo: אסף.צ license: GNU/FDL photo: אסף.צ license: GNU/FDL

The Temple Mount at Jerusalem in Astrology

photo: אסף.צ license: GNU/FDL
Pisces and Taurus – The Temple Mount at Jerusalem photo: אסף.צ license: GNU/FDL
photo: אסף.צ license: GNU/FDL

Astrology and Places: The Temple Mount at Jerusalem in Astrology

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the place where the first Jewish main temple was built under the reign of King Solomon with construction works starting in 956 BC.

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According to the Bible Solomon`s father King David had conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites and established it as the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel. Therefore the choice of the Temple Mount for the first main temple meant also the foundation of a spiritual center for the whole of Israel. Jewish and Christian tradition identifies the Temple Mount with Mount Moriah the supposed location of the binding of Isaac.

The Temple

Solomon`s Temple - according to the data given in the Bible ccbysa3.0
Solomon`s Temple – according to the data given in the Bible  image: Mattesccbysa3.0

Solomon’s Temple Description from the Bible:  “The oracle or most holy place (1 Kings 6:19; 8:6), called also the “inner house” (6:27), and the “holiest of all” (Heb. 9:3). It was 20 cubits in length, breadth, and height. It was floored and wainscotted with cedar (1 Kings 6:16), and its walls and floor were overlaid with gold (6:20, 21, 30). There was a two-leaved door between it and the holy place overlaid with gold (2 Chr. 4:22); …….. It had no windows (1 Kings 8:12). It was considered the dwelling-place of God. The holy place , 1 Kings 8:8-10, called also the “greater house” ….. Round about the building were: The court of the priests (2 Chr. 4:9), called the “inner court” (1 Kings 6:36). It contained the altar of burnt-offering (2 Chr. 15:8), the brazen sea (4:2-5, 10), and ten lavers (1 Kings 7:38, 39). The great court, which surrounded the whole temple (2 Chr. 4:9). Here the people assembled to worship God (Jeremiah 19:14; 26:2).” (from the wiki article – image description page)

Astrogeographic Position

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the Temple Mount is embedded in the town of Jerusalem: One coordinate of the Temple Mount is located in highly profitable and attractive earth sign Taurus sign of the earth, grounding, growing roots, agriculture, rural market places and possession of territory. The second coordinate falls in mystic, spiritual water sign Pisces sign of the unconscious, the dream world, mystification, illusions, fairy tales, temples and reconnection with the true self and the spiritual plane. Pisces with its central topic being the perception of the unconscious describes the potential of the construction site for supporting mystical emotions and mystification and for spiritual perception in general. Places in Pisces have a tendency to support a relaxing atmosphere and tend to going beyond the habitual routines of everyday life. This is why I consider Pisces to be the most auspiscious astrogeographical aspect for temples, bars, museums and places of music and art.

Taurus the principle of eating, moneymaking and the possession as well as the occupation of land stands for the character and the importance of the Temple Mount as a town center and marketplace. As the sign of grounding, growing roots, agriculture and settling down it stands for the shift in the situation of the Jews at the time, indicating a further step from a nomadic to a more and more agricultural society.

Astrological experience shows that the problem of the combination of  Taurus with Pisces is that the desire for the occupation of territory (Taurus) has a natural conflict with the sense for the spiritual origin and meaning of human existence (Pisces). This is because the plane of Pisces as the plane of the spiritual origin of all existing things knows no divisions and therefore no possessions.

In this sense, the coordinate of the site in Taurus is above all an aspect of the questioning of religious aspects through property interests and of the invisible through the tangible. This topic is particularly interesting here and may be symptomatic of the importance of dealing with the image of God in Jewish religion. To prevent the occupation of the temple by a visible God and its priest castes any portrait or sculpture is prohibited. The constellation may thus explain the long history of  territorial conflicts and property claims under the guise of religious conflicts.

"Driving of the merchants from the temple" by Scarsellino Created: (1580 - 1585)
“Driving of the merchants from the temple” by Scarsellino Created: (1580 – 1585)

Very illustrative of this topic is the story of the “Cleansing of the Temple” in the New Testament where Jesus overturned the tables of the moneychangers, dove seller and other traders demanding they should be expelled from the temple grounds. This action is to be regarded as an act of occupation of territory with the claim for religious and spiritual supremacy thus comfronting the topics of Taurus (making money) and Pisces (reconnection) with each other.

Pisces the 12th sign of the zodiac is often identified as being the sign of Christianity, but this conclusion is invalid because the principle of Pisces rather stands for an aspect of religion that refers to the reconnection with the spiritual origins of existence. A good proof of this is the double constellation of the astrological principle of Pisces at the site of the The Mahabodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya the most sacred site of Buddhism where Gautama Buddha independently attained individual enlightenment.

From an article I wrote in 2017:
“Pisces vs. Taurus – the problem with the Temple Mount and what its astrogeographical position reveals is the reason why it is disputed in the name of three world “religions”
It has been going on for 3000 years and probably much longer: religions are fighting for the dominance over the Temple Mount. Even Jesus had his share when he tried to expell the money changers, dove-sellers and market people from the temple. Richard the Lionheart along with the rest the poepes and crusaders had to give up their quest for it and even today`s Israel cannot control its national territory here.
The astrogeographical explanation is that what happens is that Taurus the sign of market places, possession of land, settling down, growing roots and farming stimulates the urge to possess the land collides with Pisces the sign of spirituality, god himself, the transcenfental, invisble and divine supporting the information that true religion needs no temples, material manifestation and golden ornaments. These two stimulations provided by the place turn out as conflicting aspects of or lives.
Conquering the Temple Mount in the name of religion is more than absurd – it clearly is an expression of perversion. But still it has to be understood that at the time of the construction of Salomo`s First Temple there was a technological and economical change that made the temple necessary for the stability of society and the rulership of the dynasty begun by King David.
All this makes the Temple Mount a symbolic site of resonance for the eternal battle between materialistic desires and spirituality itself. So no wonder that during times when Neptune transits through his own sign Pisces (2011-25) there is even less stability to be expected than at other times.
A new period of violence and killings at the Temple Mount occurred in  July 2017 with its climax during the square transition of Mars in Cancer to Uranus in Aries around July, 20.  Mars – Uranus  like all transits of planets through Aries or Aquarius the astrogeographical resonators of large parts of Israel.”