Waco Biker Gang Shootout on 17 May 2015

Waco Biker Gang Shootout on 17 May 2015

Astrology, People and Places: Waco Biker Gang  Shootout on 17 May 2015

Report: kwtx.com report

Twin Peaks Restaurant Biker Shooting, Waco, Texas on 17 May 2015, 12:15
Twin Peaks Restaurant Biker Shooting, Waco, Texas on 17 May 2015, 12:15

The incident took place on 17 May 2015 around 12:15 at the Twin Peak Restaurant in Waco, Texas, 9 people were killed and 18 injured.

The comparison of the astrogeographic data with the astrological chart for the incident shows the resonance for morphogenetic field level 2 which describes the significance of the “Twin Peaks Restaurant” in Waco for the State of Texas. The astrogeographic constellation of the restaurant here is 20° Taurus and 18° Capricorn.

The Moon exactly over the “Twin Peaks” Restaurant

The 20° Taurus coordinate was transited by the Moon in house 10 during  the hour of the incident indicating territorial conflicts  – one of the main issues of Taurus. The Moon as the fastest moving astrological indicator doesn´t indicate structural social aspects of the violence in the first place here but rather the momentary factors that triggered the fighting on that day.

Uranus in an exact square to the “Twin Peaks” Restaurant and the significance of the 18° Capricorn position

The second important astrogeographical aspect of a transiting planet here is one of a slow moving outer planet and therefore an indicator for a structural issue and social problems in regard to Waco and the whole State of Texas: It is Uranus` transit over 18° of the male, dynamic fire sign Aries the sign of warfare in exact square to the astrogeographic coordinate of the restaurant at 18° Capricorn.  The astrological degree of 18° Capricorn is known for it`s quality relating to the Mars – Saturn constellation which indicates the warriors and knight castes. This aspect also explains why and in which regard this particular restaurant at this particular place of the morphogenetic field has been a meeting place for bikers.  Bikers in the light of this astrogeographic constellation are to be seen as in resonance with the ideal of professional warriors and particularly soldiers with armours here. Uranus in a square to the place suggests that old hierarchical structures among the gangs were challenged by newcomers. And this Uranus transit in combination with the Moon`s direct aspect to the astrogeographic coordinate in Taurus is a clear indication that the businesses run by the various gangs were part of the conflict that escalated on that day.  Nevertheless the position of  Jupiter right in the center of emotional. royal, self-centered, subjective fire sign Leo and exactly on the ascendant (triggering point) at the start of the incident explains that the whole thing was triggered by a conflict based on self- esteem, domination, desire to feel superiour, hierarchical issues and held back emotions.

For the structural social problems in the State of Texas the constellation indicates the inability of society to bring about changes in social caste systems (Capricorn) and the role conduct and self – image of men as fighters, soldiers, bandits, gunmen and dominators (18° Capricorn). A gang system based on 18° Capricorn can be thought of as including such moral associations as loyalty to superiors and gang laws, solidarity in fight, fight for a just purpose and more.

Mars attacking Saturn`s code of honour

But Mars at 4° Gemini as the ruler of Aries the sign of Uranus` transit in a square to the astrogeographic position of the restaurant in Capricorn was in an opposition to Saturn the ruler of Capricorn at 2° Sagittarius. Thus Mars in house 10 was in a neglecting, challenging and offending aspect to Saturn the indicator for the officialy accepted code of honour and gang laws in house 4.