The Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash in Astrogeography

The Germanwings Flight 9525 Crash in Astrogeography

Astrology, Places and Events: The Germanwings Flight 9525  Crash in Astrogeography – the “german wings” and Uranus on the Ascendant as a national tragedy


Astrological Chart for the German Wings plane crash on 24 March 2015, 10:47 near Digne-les-Bains in the South of  France.
Astrological Chart for the German Wings plane crash on 24 March 2015, 10:47 near Digne-les-Bains in the South of France.

The astrological chart for the moment of the crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 has the Ascendant in Gemini and its ruler Mercury in house 11.

A speculation about personal motives of the pilot who voluntarily caused (if that is what really happened to the plane) the crash should be taken from the astrological chart above in the first place. They are astrologically to be defined in the attempt to escape (ruler of the Ascendant in house 11) from the depression (Neptune square Saturn – Saturn as the ruler of Pluto the indicator of the trauma) from an seemingly unsolvable problem (Pluto in Capricorn in house 8).  To some degree Jupiter`s position in Leo in house 3 because of its square to Venus in 12 and for a Gemini ascendant (illusion of cleverness) is to be seen as explaining one aspect of the motives as a revenge and triumph over a lost or unattainable relationship partner (dream partner constellation of Venus and Moon in house 12). Altogether a psychological interpretation in comparison to other charts is surprisingly easy  in this case.

The astrogeographical coordinates of the crash site for morphogenetic field level 1 which describe the supraregional and  international dimension of meaning of the disaster are both located in fire sign Aries the most important astrological indicator for Germany. The exact positions are at 17° and 18° Aries and both fall in the 8th of the 12 subdivisions within the sign. The eight of the 12 stages of development within the sign Aries relates the topic of that part of the sign to the aspect of Scorpio or the eight house within the process of the sign. That means that these zodiacal degrees stand for extreme alertness and traumatic situations having to do with desires, needs and reflexes of panic while fighting and during warfare. It is known for the reflex to want to change and transform issues in relation to one`s self-image, personality and forms of survival. The potential for aggression and violence and the need to surpass and feel stronger than opponents or competitors. Therefore of course the constellation here could indicate the use of weapons and particularly missiles and many astrologers would have interpreted it as a clear indication for a violent or terroristic attack.  An act of terrorism even without an ideological background and for personal reasons could still be called a terroristic attack of course.

Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius and planet of flying is at least symbolically to be seen as the indicator for the “german wings”  that  crashed.  And his current position at 15° Aries is conjunct the position of both astrogeographic coordinates of the site in exact square with Pluto at 15° Capricorn. This  constellation of disappointment, castration and rebellion against social role conduct can also serve as an explanation for the psychological apects of the disaster in regard to the constellation for field level 1. In this sense these two transits describe the attack on the lives of the passengers as a simple act of castration with the intention of destroying their living, happiness and potentials.

The “german wings” and the plane crash as a national tragedy

Foundation Chart for theFederal Republic of Germany 23 May 1949, 17:00, Bonn
Foundation Chart for the Federal Republic of Germany 23 May 1949, 17:00, Bonn

Uranus at 16° Aries is currently moving over the descendant of Germany indicating a new orientation and process of self-reflection. Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius is also the planet of flying. The analogy of the “german wings” aircraft falling from the sky therefore is a potential trigger for unconscious associations having to do with the transit of Uranus from the invisible place in house 6 onto the horizon in house 7 in the foundation chart of Germany.

The astrogeographic coordinates of the site of the plane crash both fall exactly on the descendant in the horoscope of the Federal Republic of Germany onto the position where Uranus is transiting. The national indication of this conjunction between Uranus and the Descendant is so extreme and intense that the event has the fullest imaginable potential for a national tragedy. The crash took place just one day after the traumatic visit of the greek prime minister Tsapiras in Berlin which brought back into public consciousness the responsibility of Germany for the war crimes and genocide committed in Greece and the whole of Europe by the german fascist regime between 1938 and 1945. Of course the german public was aware that the greek government was voluntarily playing with that aspect simply to amount pressure on Germany in the negotiations about the greek debt crisis. And to some extent  the greek strategy must be seen as a dirty trick as the greek government is hiding its debts behind the german nazi history from the other european nations  which have suffered from german history as much as Greece has, while Greece is intending to consume their money at the same time.

But that surely did not prevent the deep impact that the public accusations and threats of the greek government had on the german public in regard to the national history and the unsolved (and partly unsolvable) karmic issues. And the day of the Tsapiras visit was even  celebrated with gratitude in the german media and that was really a feeling many people shared.  There was a feeling of relief and to some extent it was like Germans were officially accepted by the greek Prime Minister as equal partners. This may be so partly because people are not used to being reminded of their Nazi inheritance in public and such accusations (“We insist on the soap from your fat … we are willing to discuss fertiliser from your ashes”) any more and partly also because the amount of guilt created during the time of the fascist regime is so immense that there is no and never will  be a way around that. And at the end of the line of emotions awaits us the fear if Germany once started to accept paying reparations it would come to such amounts of money that the country would surely have to keep on paying for at least 500 years or more without ever being able to wipe out what has actually happened in history anyway.

The astrological chart for the foundation of Germany provides an astrological explanation for how these psychological mechanisms work:

The chart has Neptune conjunct the Ascendant in Libra in a constellation of submission which is in straight opposition with the Moon in Aries the most important indicator for german culture in a position only 3° below the horizon  (Descendant). An aspect I call the “lost moon”  or “lost home” aspect. The melancholy of this aspect lies in the opposition of Neptune to the Moon indicating more than only a self-destructive mood but definitely a deep depression over the crimes committed and the impossibility to refuse, neglect or fight against having to bear the responsibility of the german nation for what had been done in its name.  Loosing the national identity helped at the time  – so one didn`t have to be part of the evil regime of the past. But after66 years that the new state exists Germany is now forced to justify itself for the extremly successful economic situation it is in now and should not be in if it were taking its guilt really serious.  This self-reflection and looking straight at the karmic issues is simply what Uranus` transit demands and it is really an important initiation process as the current state has naturally never gone through this transit before.  This is because Uranus` full circle through the zodiac takes 84  years and his last transit over the degrees 17 and 16 in Aries fell into the times of the Weimar Republic (between 1930 and 1932).