Claude Monet and the combination of growing roots with self-expression

Astrology, People and Places:  Claude Monet and the combination of growing roots with self-expression

Claude Monet - Garden in Giverny at Belvedere Museum Vienna Austria
Claude Monet – Garden in Giverny at Belvedere Museum Vienna Austria Claude Monet and the combination of growing roots & self-expression

Claude Monet and the constellation of grounding, self-expression and children at his house and legendary garden in Giverny, France.
Claude Monet lived and worked in his house and garden in Giverny for more than 30 years with his wife and his eight children. Many of his paintings were created in his house and his magic garden.

Videos: Monet filmed in his garden in GivernyClaude Monet – cultivating beauty at in his garden in Guiverny

Astrogeographic position of the house and it`s meaning

The estate is located in the highly energetic, magnetic royal fire sign Leo which in relation  to individuals is the sign of self expression, fertility, children,  self centeredness and the right to live one`s own life and desires. Leo is the sign of the Sun and light and can be evaluated as a stimulator of intensity of self-expression and of brilliance in the perception of light.

The second coordinate is in the aristocratic air sign Libra the sign of stage perfomance, harmony, balance, beauty, flowers, decoration, art, painting and angels. Libra as the sign of beauty stimulates reflexes to beautify the surroundings and please the eyes of potential observers by decorating the overall picture and image of places and things including attempts to create harmony, balance and symmetry. The reason why Libra is to be seen as the sign of aristocracy is that it tends to stimulate reflexes to qualify for a higher, non-materialistic, courtly or even “altruistic” ideal of a higher culture. The effect of a stage performance in Libra comes from Libra`s reflexes to try to calculate and include it`s own counterpart, partners and observers.

The estate at Giverny in relation to Monet`s birth chart

Claude Monet
Birth Chart for Claude Monet born on 14 November 1840, 19:26:34 in Paris

As Monet was born with Ascendent in Cancer the astrogeographical coordinate of the place in Leo falls in house 2 of his birth chart supporting possession of land, grounding, financial stability and income, growing roots, working the land and planting one´s own plants and food. This constellation must have supported his status as the landlord, ruler and owner of the estate.

The astrogeographic position of the house and extensive garden in Libra occupies two houses in Monet´s birth chart: house 4 which stands for emancipation, independence, living in one`s own world, family life plus being and feeling grounded with the spirits of a place (home). And house 5 stimulates self expression, being in one´s own kingdom, sexuality, children, and independence from other people`s opinions.

This constellation is valid here for field level 4 which describes the atmosphere of the estate itself.

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