Árbol del Tule with the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world

Arbol de Tule photo: Nsaum75, ccbysa3.0
Arbol de Tule, Oaxaca                      photo: Nsaum75, ccbysa3.0

Astrology and Places: Árbol del Tule with the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world


Compare: Sagittarius as the archetypal sign of pine trees,

Árbol del Tule, in the town center of Santa María del Tule, Oaxaca is a Montezuma cypress (Taxodium mucronatum). It has the stoutest trunk of any tree in the world and is on the tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The circumference of the trunk is 42 m. It`s age is unknown but is estimated between 1200 and 3000 years.

Astrogeographic position

The Árbol del Tule is located on the cardinal divide between the green coloured air sign Gemini the indicator for breathing (assimilation) and the fertile water sign Cancer. The position in Cancer is remarkable because no other sign stimulates and preserves plant growth as much as the sign of Cancer does. Cancer would be seen as a energetic stimulation for feeling at home and for a site of an energetic center of spiritual entities of fertility and motherhood that gather and dwell here. Apart from that Cancer might also indicate the existence of a water source in the ground below the tree.

The 2nd coordinate is in the solid, conservative, endurable earth sign Capricorn the sign of rocks and an indicator for a place for the village headquarter and social and government institutions. This aspect points at the possible function of the tree as place for the gathering of the tribe or village in ancient times. The constellation is valid for morphogenetic field level 4.