Café Tortoni and the most auspiscious constellation for a pub

Café Tortoni and the most auspiscious constellation for a pub

Café Tortoni and the most auspiscious constellation for a pub. Astrology, pubs, bar, restaurants and places for going out: the oldest extant coffee house in Buenos Aires in Leo and Pisces – probably the most auspiscious astrogeographic constellation for a pub or restaurant.

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Café.Tortoni in Buenos Aires is located in Leo with Pisces    ph: church of emacs, ccbysa4.0

Leo because it supports self-esteem and being worth to spend as much money as we feel to for food, drinks and having fun.
Pisces because it supports letting go and forgetting about problems and reasonable aspects of spending

Cafe Tortoni, established 1858 is famous for being the oldest extant cafe in Buenos Aires.

Astrogeographic position for morphogenetic field level 4 which describes the atmosphere and energetical topics of the coffee house itself: located in the first degrees of highly relaxed, romantic, mystic spiritual water sign Pisces the sign of dreaming, imagination, illusion, temples, the otherworld, music, arts and letting go, art. Pisces supports to patence, liquors, intoxication, entertainment, consuming and giving up control. It helps and stimulates reconnection with the unconscious and the spiritual plane and supports a comparatively smooth and informal atmosphere.  The 2nd coordinate is located in the last degrees of the highly dynamic, attractive, magnetic, royal fire sign Leo the sign of the sun, light, heart, self-esteem, luxury and wanting to be part of a group of people. Leo supports the feeling of being worth spending money and also the stimulation from being in a group of people.

This extremely auspiscious combination of signs delivers a highly plaible astrological explanation for the reason why Cafe Tortoni could last such a long time here.

Cafe Tortoni and the National Academy of Tango both located in Leo with Pisces photo: Beatrice Murch, ccbysa2.0