The astrogeography of the Sochi Adler-Arena Skating Centre

Astrology and Places:  The astrogeography of the Sochi Adler-Arena Skating Centre

Sochi Adler-Arena Skating Centre is the arena where the speed skating competitions are held during the 2014 Winter olympics.

Until today the Netherlands olympic skating team have won 17 medals here. So I thought I might check wether the astrogeographic constellation of the site may be evaluated as a reasonable astrological indicator for the Netherlands.

Netherlands Foundation Chart 2
The astrogeography of the Sochi Adler-Arena Skating Centre

Astrogeographic position: both coordinates are located in between the last degrees of the emotional water sign Cancer the sign of crabs and sea-shells and indicator for the oyster like shape of the arena and the highly attractive, competetive fire sign Leo the indicator for speed and for racing here.
This constellation is valid for field level 4.

According to Nicholas Campion July, 26 1581 is to be considered as the day of the foundation of the Netherlands. The chart is calculated for the sunrise and with equally large houses.
As can be seen from the chart the Sun was in the highly competetive royal fire sign Leo. This means that according to the foundation chart Leo is a possible indicator for the Netherlands or if not at least an auspiscious aspect for the performance of dutch skaters. And yes Leo indeed is one coordinate of the Adler Arena and may be counted on as a possibly stimulative factor for the dutch representatives!!!
Apart from the Leo correspondense I want to recommend to consider also Aquarius and to some extent Pisces as possible indicators for the country. This conclusion comes from my personal experiences in Holland.