Kate Middleton`s constellation at Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton`s constellation at Buckingham Palace

Kate Middleton
Birth Chart for the Duchess of Cambridge           Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, 9 January 1982 at 12:00 (see astro.com), Reading, UK

Astrology and Places: Kate Middleton`s constellation at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has been the seat of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom since Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837. The building is situated in the constellation of the two water signs Cancer and Scorpio. This is valid for the astrogeographical radius level 3 which describes how the building is embedded in the surrounding area. If the birth time for Prince William`s wife Catherine Middleton should be correct the following interpretation could be used to understand her position at Buckingham Palace: Because the coordinate in the last degrees of Cancer falls in the fourth house in her birth chart she has a good aspect for feeling at home here as a possible Queen. This aspect may support her in family life and having children as well as in helping to ground her husband here. Scorpio stimulates the sixth and the seventh house in her birth chart and may support her in public appearances and in being open to the demands of her job.

The birth place of the Duchesse`s first son St- Mary`s Hospital in Paddington, London is located in what seems a highly auspicious constellation for her particularly as for health issues. One coordinate falls at around 7° of the earth sign Virgo and one in the first degrees of the air sign Gemini. The coordinate in Gemini stands for her first house stimulating personal strength, self determination and her capacity and will to act for herself. The aspect in Virgo supports the sixth house which stands for health care, precaution and the readiness to understand and do whatever is reasonable and necessary.


Birth Chart for Prince William`s and Kate Middleton`s son, 22 July 2013, 16:24, London
Birth Chart for Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge , 22 July 2013, 16:24, London

The first child of Prince William and the Duchesse of Cambridge was born at full Moon two days ago with four planets plus the position of Lilith in the water sign Cancer. I consider Cancer to represent the main indicator of the celtic roots of english culture.

The astrogeographical constellation of the boy`s birth place, St.-Mary´s Hospital in Paddington falls into the seventh (Gemini) and 9th houses (Virgo)of his birth chart. Particularly the seventh house aspect which in relation to the royal family stands for a situation of being on a stage and subject to surveillance by the public may indicate the particular situation of birth.

The Sun sign of the child in Cancer and the Ascendant in Scorpio are equal to the two astrogeographical coordinates of Buckingham Palace for radius/field level 3. This could indicate that the child has an intense and deeply rooted relationship not only to the site of the royal palace but also to the court and kingdom. Nevertheless this relationship is not to be considered as easy because the two coordinates support the rebellious constellation of the eight (Cancer) with the eleventh (Scorpio) house in the boy`s birth chart. The position of Buckingham Palace in the first degrees of Scorpio falls on the position of Saturn in the eleventh house. This imeans that the child might be willing and ready to accept and fullfill all duties here. But of course this constellation is not really an indicator of having fun, fullfilling personal dreams or enjoying life here.

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