Queen Elizabeth II`s and her predecessor`s constellations at Buckingham Palace

Queen Elisabeth II. at Buckingham Palace – Elisabeth´s constellation at Windsor Palace the seat of her ancestors is very interesting because the astrogeographical constellation of the site in Taurus and Capricorn reflects the two main signs in her own birth chart. These coordinates support the third and the twelfth houses in her birth chart. The third house stands for education and learning and the twelfth house in case of celebrities stands for a retreat and hiding place that could support finding peace from public attention and paparazzis.

Queen Elizabeth `s astrological constellation at Windsor Castle

Queen Elisabeth I. at Windsor Castle. Both astrogeographical aspects of the place are to be evaluated as highly auspicious for Elizabeth personally and considering the great progress and success that she achieved, for her reign over the country too.

Steven Jobs and the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino

Steven Jobs and the Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. The headquarters of Apple Inc. in Cupertino in Silicon Valley south of San Francisco are situated in the constellation of the two water signs Cancer and Scorpio.
This combination of these two watersigns does not primarily stand for the innovative ideas or development of technology that takes place here, but could be related mainly to the fact that the company is trying to create a home (Cancer) and a common imagination (Scorpion) for the employee family.