Angela Merkel and the Constellation of the German Chancellery

Angela Merkel and the Astrogeographic Constellation of the German Chancellery Following Gerhard Schröder she was the second chancellor to move into the newly built Federal Chancellery in Berlin. The Chancellery is located in the constellation of the earth sign Capricorn with the air sign Gemini. This correspondence is valid for astrogeography level 3, which shows how the place is embedded in the environment.
Capricorn represents the second house in the birth chart of Angela Merkel indicating that the place stands for financial security and social recognition. This could mean that she has a very solid and safe position here and that there is a great chance that her personal interests and needs could be satisfied here.
As the site lies in the first degrees of the zodiac sign Gemini it falls in the sixth house of her birth chart. This may indicate that the place stands for a situation comparable to one of an employed worker and could mean that her decisions may be influenced by other people.
Since the second house stands for the urge for financial security and the sixth house for safety concerns and existential fears this whole constellation can be evaluated as symptomatic of a situation in which material interests and the protection of one`s social position are the most important personal motives here.