For me astrological psychology is the most important topic of astrology and especially for all issues of astrological consultations. Its main topic is trying to understand the processes of individual development through personal experiences, individual fate, self-expression, self-reflection and self finding through observing the conditioning of reflexes, belief systems, patterns of experience and role conduct through the 12 astrological signs.

I differentiate two substantial goals within astrological psychology. On the one hand with the help of astrological typology we want to make a contribution to making personal characteristics of humans become at least more understandable for us.
Beyond that the list of the development and social problems installed at birth time also belongs to the level of the astropsychological horoscope analysis.

I then also give descriptions of the relationship to the parents that are so important for the psychology as well as a clarifying over it, by which parent or by which ancestor line the inherited social and development problems were passed on.
 In the astro psychological horoscope interpretation I also give a list of the prenatal and early childhood impregnations indicated by the constellations at the moment of birth.