Astrological World Map online service

Astrological World Map online service – how to understand and optimally use my astrogeographical world map online service

The one and only astrological world map online service is based on the astrogeographical system of the astrologer Georg Stockhorst. It offers you the opportunity to calculate the astrological positions of places and get an interpretation of your personal relationship to exact adresses, towns and regions worldwide.

The astrologer Georg Stockhorst

My name is Georg Stockhorst. I developed the astrogeographical world map and the accompanying system of interpretation of astrogeographic positions for individuals astrological world map online service offers access to this unique astrological system for online and mobile use. Find may homepage for personal consultations here.

Astro Geography and Astrological Geomancy

I developed two different astrological methods for caculating astrological maps: The Astrological – Geomantical System (Berlin System of astrogeomancy) and the Astrogeographical World Map available at Read more about my astrogeographical systems in the 950 articles of the one and only astrogeography blog at The two systems display two opposing and therefore very different perspectives. The Astrological Geomancy System is the result of long-term and very extensive astrological field study into the visible features of places, such as natural conditions and the way places are used by humans. In astrogeomancy conclusions are drawn from observation of the landscape and astrological reading of the signs for measurement and understanding of morphogenetic field patterns in landscapes by the way of induction (conclusion from the small to the whole). Georg Stockhorst has been publishing astrogeographical maps in print since 1997.
The astrogeography system along with the astrogeographic world map have been developed by Georg Stockhorst during 25 years of research in field study Without the knowledge derived from this the astrogeographical worldmap would be only a theoretical and abstract calculation.
In the astrogeographical world map the globe as the earth’s body is the center of focus and conclusions are drawn from the whole (big) to the detail (small) by the way of deduction.

Are there places that are generally bad for me?

The answer is No! There is no place that is generally bad because any place of whatsoever quality can provide a specific stimulation for the development of individuals. The astrological world map online service at allows you to find out which areas of your life and development are particularly supported by a place, town or region.
Every single place on Earth is special and unique and plays an important role in the completeness of the entire planetary system. Every place in the system “earth” has a specific information for humans and is therefore helpful and important for a particular aspect of our development. Therefore – for a certain level of consideration – we should be aware that all places on this planet are tin one or the other way auspiscious. The particular topics, energetical impact and information of places is perceived by our nervous system and unconscious. That means that places transfer stimulations onto the systems of living beings. In this way places have conscious and unconscious effects on people.
The saying that traveling broadens the mind also means that every place gives us a particular stimulation for our development !`s astrological world map offers you the opportunity to reflect and understand your relation to places through a supreme quality in professional locational astrology. All interpretations are based on the following ideals of the astrological psychology of emancipation: self-finding, self-help and the support of the self-responsibility of individuals for their own fate and decisions in life.

Does the success of a project depend on finding the right place?

Finding a suitable and auspicious place for your projects in life surely is helpful, but of course it needs more than that. We believe that unresolved issues that block the development of one`s potentials have a much larger effect on people`s performance in life than have places. But places can help encounter and support you in dealing with important issues, progress in relationshipos, career, income and when confronting habitual believe patterns, blocks of potentials and suppressed emotions. Auspicious places can help to encourage us in our self-esteem, individuality and our capacity to overcome the past and/or open up for our true and fuller potentials. In fact the places we choose are part of an unconscious learning process. Astrogeographical worldmap online service is designed to help you make the best out of the things your do at any place.

Am I dependent on finding the right place?

The answer here is No! We cannot recommend that you make yourself dependent on auspicious or inauspicious places ! And don’t consider yourself as being dependent from anything or anyone. This is not what helps you
in learning to make use of your true potentials. Georg Stockhorst`s Astrological World Map was not created to make you feel dependent on places but to help you understand and find a way out from unconscious insecurities and dependencies. astrological interpretation texts written by Georg Stockhorst are meant to encounter individual freedom and space. In no way do we want to promote fatalism here. We feel that it is time to wash away the biggest problem that has worn out astrology through the ages : the attempt to use it as a commercial ground by trying to take away peoples self esteem and belief in their individual karmic freedom of choice and self – responsibility.

How to optimally select the radius (field) level for an interpretation ?

By selecting the radius (field) level you decide wether the interpretation will be calculated for an exact adress, surrounding area, city or region.

Select exact adress, microcosm to analyze a particuar house or plot of land. This is important for the place where you live, work or buy real estate. Important: for calculation of exact adresses mark the midpoint of the house or estate you want to analyze.

Select surrounding area if you want to analyze your relationship to a larger estate, holiday resort or the street or block you live in.

Select county or town if you want to interprete a town or muniicipality in relation to your birth chart.

Select region to create interpretations for your relationship to regions or big cities.

How to optimally select the type of interpretation ?

There are currently three different types of interpretation to choose from:

The „basic analysis“ provides definitions of your major personal topics at the place and for which areas of life it is supportive and for which it is not. Plus some recommendations telling you how to make the best out of the place for you.

The „love & relationship analysis“ tells you how auspiscious and supportive a place is for your relationships: for living, family, finding partners, marriage, sex, dating. going out with someone or for having children. Plus some recommendations telling you how to make the best out of the place when meeting ot staying with someone here.

The „holidays & travel analysis“ provides some clear statements about how the qualities of the place relate to different fieds of your life and which type of vacation or travel is supported and which is not: relaxing vacations, adventure holidays, party, sports, sight-seeing or self.experience. Plus some recommendations telling you how to make the best out of your stay at this place.

The Birth Ascendant

The astrological world map online service calculates the relationship between people and places with the help of the birth ascendant of a person. This is the best and most efficient method to interprete the astrological constellations of people in relation with places.
The astrological reason for this is because the birth ascendant defines the entire system of a human being and therefore is the most far-reaching factor in any horoscope.
From the birth ascendant, the precise positions of the 12 individual astrological houses in the human system are calculated. The house system is a basic overview of the human system dividing it into 12 different organs. This allows astrology to draw conclusions about the different areas of life .
For people who do not know their exact birth time offers an alternative method of interpretation of the astrological world map with the help of the sun position ascendant.

The Sun Position Ascendant

The sun position ascendant is calculated for the (tropical) position of the sun on the ecliptic (ecliptic) on the date of birth of a person.
Example: If a native was born on 21 March in 1987 in Madrid the sun position Ascendant will be calculated for the position of the sun on that day for 12:00 UMT.
In contrast to the birth ascendant which defines the whole of the system of a human the sun position ascendant refers to a central but single aspect of the human system. The sun is usually defined as the personality´s conscious subjective point of view. This means that with the help of the sun position ascendant conclusions can be made about how a person perceives and experiences the situations in his life from his own subjective point of view. The sun position ascendant provides a very useful and significant interpretation method and thus is a real alternative to the birth chart ascendant.

Birth Ascendant or Sun Position Ascendant

I  recommend that if you know your birth hour you should make use of the regular interpretation routine by using the birth ascendant for interpretation. This is the safest and most exact possibility. If you don’t know your birth hour it is recommendable to use the alternative method of using the sun position ascendant.
Using both methods for one person is not recommendable because you may confuse yourself with the amount of information you get. For people with a lot of intellectual interest in astrology it may be interesting to try out and explore both methods and see how precise the coordinates provided by the Astrological World Map are.

How to read a premium analysis

How to read astrogeographical premium analyses

The interpretation texts are divided into three sections:  The upper section is a summary of the astrogeographical constellation of the adress compared to the birth chart of the person. It gives you the ultimate interpretation of the relationship of the individual person to the place. This is the most important part of the interpretation texts, presenting an interpretation of the two houses that are stimulated together in the system the native individual. I want to suggest to understand the combination of two houses as adding their aspects to each other, so that the place brings together two of the person`s natural potentials here.
The second and third sections of texts explain the two single astrological houses activated and promoted by the two star signs of the place.
These two texts may bring contradictory aspects together. This should be regarded as the typical situation of life on earth which brings together different aspects all the time in order to stimulate learning and evolution. If you find it difficult to deal with the texts in the second and third sections you may simply concentrate on the advise in the first section.

How to read the astrogeographical barometer

astrogeographical barometer

The astrogeographical barometer tells you to which extent the different fields of your life are supported and activated by the place. The scale of each barometer is from 1 to 6, with 6 being the highest and therefore most strongly supportive value. 1 is the lowest value indicating that the corresponding aspect of life is promoted only slightly. The yellow color indicates the value of the site. If a place is not particularly supportive to for example relationship or money making, this indicates that you may find it less easy to be successful here than in other places.

Here`s an overview of the 12 different fields of life as shown in the barometer for all basic premium analyses:

Job: Work, Career, Superiors, Goals in Life, Success, Recognition, Success
Love: Love, Relationship, Meet People, Opening Up, Going Out, Date
Family: Home, Marriage, Children and Parents, Friendship,Relaxing
Children: Fertility, Playing, Living together with Children
Money: Income, Gains, Investment, Buying and Selling, Agriculture, Job
Residence: Home, Living, Long Term Property, Relaxing, Buying Land
Holidays: Traveling, Hotel, Independence, Going Out, Events
Party: Meet People, Celebrate, Going Out, Dancing, Marriage, Neighbours
Sex: Pleasure, Playing, Fun, Self Esteem, Self Expression, Health
Education: School, Learning, Studies, Contacts, Communication, Teaching
Real Estate: Property, Buying Land, Possessing Land, Agriculture
Investment: Buying and Selling, Production, Income, Success