How auspiscious is the New Jersey Golf Course for DT?

How auspiscious is the New Jersey Trump National Golf Course for DT? and what for?
The current US president left the White House for a 17 days vacation at his own golf resort at Bedminster, New Jersey supposedly until the day of the coming “Great American Solar Eclipse on 21 August 2017. That could mean that the president is seeking shelter from the threats to his life discussed by astrologers as a potential “effect” of the eclipse.

Now how auspiscious is the site of the Trump National Golf Course at 900 Lamington Rd, Bedminster Township, NJ 07921  for Doanld Trump and what for??? Read the interpretation of how auspiscious the site of the golf course is for the president personally – as compared to his birth chart below.
The astrogeographical analysis shows that the property supports grounding, personal priorities, feeling and being important, financial investments, income and business activities, eating well and feeling at home.
Alltogether an extremely auspiscious place for DT which makes the stay here symbolic of Trump`s management of the presidency: personal business and profits first – no time for the country`s long term prosperity, international business and anyway not for something as far away as global politics and world affairs. But of course he won`t be able to escape topics like the North Korean Crisis here.
Individual astrogeography chart/analysis for Donald Trump`s relationship to the New Jersey Trump National Golf Course at 900 Lamington Rd, Bedminster Township, NJ 07921, USA.   Birth data used: 14 June 1946 at 10:54 AM, ) Jamaica (Queens County) New York
About this interpretation:
The interpretation is from the astrological worldmap service and calculated for morphogenetic radius/field level 3. It compares the astrogeographical data ffor places with those from a native`s birth chart.