Trump administration decides to drop the Mother of all Bombs

Trump administration decides to drop the Mother of all Bombs – astrogeographic data – The Moon in Scorpio in house 1 as the astrological image for the Mother of all Bombs.

The Trump administration has decided to drop the 21.000 ponds GBU-43/B or “Mother of all Bombs” the most powerful non-nuclear bomb that the US possesses on 13 April 2017 at 19:32 p.m. Afghan Time on a tunnel complex built by ISIS in the Achin Districit of  Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. US sources claim that the weapon killed 36 ISIS fighters. The Achin district is located directly on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The area is used for the infiltration of Taliban and ISIS fighters from all over the world.

Astrogeographic position of the area for morphogenetic field level 1 which describes  the supraregional and global resonance and topics of the attack carried out by the US Air Force: I couldn`t locate the exact position of where the bomb was dropped. This is why I`m presenting the data for the area near the District City of Achin.  This means that the exact position might be slightly different – by approximately 1 to 2 degress. One coordinate lies 21° and  22° in fire sign Sagittarius – a degree which relates to the Uranus – Pluto aspects and the topics of trauma, hate, castration, suppressed individuation and fascism. In regard to the bomb Pluto stands for the solid container of patterns of role behaviour and the negativity created through the ruling ideology whereas Uranus relates to the suppressed apects of the fuller potentials which make out the exlosive power trapped in the social conflict or as in this case inside of the bomb.

The second cordinate of Achin is around 9° in air sign Gemini sign of roads, technology, experiments, curiosity, communication and interfaces. In a border area like the Namgahar district Gemini as the sign of the smugglers, dealers and thieves caste and a strong resonance with the international role of US culture Gemini stands for the smuggling and trespassing businesses and the confrontation and exchange between the two countries (Afghanistan and Pakistan)

The Moon at 20° Scorpio as the Mother of all Bombs constellation

Astrological event Chart for the moment the “Mother of all Bombs” was dropped. Calculated for 13 April 2017, 19:32 p.m. at Aichin, Afghanisthan

Scorpio as the sign of metal containers is the resonating sign for bombs in astrology. The GBU 43 bomb was dropped with ascendant at 10° Scorpio and Pluto it`s ruling planet in Capricorn the sign of mountains and rock in house 3 the house of signposts, symbols, advertisement, communication, learning, testing, technological solutions and through this position a definite indicator for demonstraions of  “power”.

The Moon – the planet of motherhood – was in house 1 – the house which relates to the visible form of an event while it takes place. The Sun as ther ruler of midheaven was conjunct Uranus the ruler astrological resonator for explosions at 24° Aries. Mars the planet of war in a position of  physically really heavy material in the last decade of earth sign Taurus the sign of gravitation and in house 7 the house of stage perfomance stands for the intention to display the possessed capacities. This is because Venus the ruler of that Mars position was located in house 5 the house of self-esteem, profile neurosis, sexuality and heaving fun and in Pisces the sign of entertainment.


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