The Chalice or Symbol of Neptune Plantation

The Chalice or Symbol of Neptune Plantation

Astrology and places: The Chalice or Symbol of Neptune Plantation

The “Chalice Plantation” in Uruguay is one about 50 year old decorative plantation of trees in the shape of what could be a chalice or a stylized decorative version of the astrological symbol of Neptune. It is located in the midst of an agriculturally fully developed area and has been apparently cultivated by its proprietors since the time of the planting. Here`s a video in german about the site. Geocoordinates: 34° 12` 40.03“S 56°9`4.85“W. The plantation is a very interesting object for the astrogeographical reading of the signs.


The plantation has a maximum length of 510 m and is located in the constellation of the earth sign Capricorn with the fire sign Aries for the morphogenetical field level 3 which describes the whole of the plantation here. The combination of Capricorn with Aries stands for topics related to the warrior and soldier caste and warfare. The form of the plantation shows the astrological symbol for the planet Neptune with two supplements and one reduction.

An arrowhead which is an element of the sign of Sagitarius is added to the line in the middle of the trident. In relation to the astrogeographical aspects of the place and the absence of Sagittarius the arrowhead is to be seen as related to the fire sign Aries here. Aries stands for the basic stimulus of energy and for warfare and in regard to individuals for their capacity for acting and for self-defense. On the inside of Neptune`s trident a circle was added, which hints at a complete entity, being, planet or earthly system inside of Neptune`s realms. Below the trident the cross as the symbol of the earth is incomplete, so that this Neptune appears without it`s potential of being grounding in the material plane of existence on our planet. This could mean that the system of Neptune indicated here appears without it`s own complete aspect of Saturn and of a tenth house (stable identity) of its own. The state of not being complete could of course signfy that the designers didn´t mean to refer to Neptune, but if an icon includes nearly all features of a symbol the association of that symbol with the icon is also valid and effective even if the designer didn´t mean to refer to it.

If one considers the icon of the plantation to represent a chalice or glass the arrow (stimulus) that comes up from the bottom of the chalice crosses through the circle (individual system or entity) sending the content of the chalice in the direction which the arrow points at (northwest).

The sign of Capricorn stands for the rigid shape of the plantation of trees and for subdueing nature and the life of the single trees to the overall concept of style. Capricorn which is to be considered the main indicator for Bonsai trees could also explain why the shape of the plantation has been strictly maintained over the years.

Looking at the position of the symbol from the point of view of a supraregional view the position in the morphogenetic field level 1 should be applied. It refers to the meaning of the region where the site lies for the whole continent. The astrogeographical constellation here is such that both coordinates fall in the mental fire sign Sagitarius. This could have two main indications:

1. Sagitarius is the main indicator for decoration, ornamentation and design. The combination of two coordinates in Sagitarius is also present at the landscape park of Wörlitz near Dessau, Germany (Compare “Astrologisch – Geomantische Karte Deutschland” ).The impulse to decorate and ornament the landscape can so be understood as an expression of a central topic of the whole region where it lies.

2. The sign of Sagitarius by definition represents a part of the autumn or the mental body. It stands for dealing with information by mental comprehension. In this sense the bow of the archer is his intelligence and the arrow his conclusion. So the mental conclusion that comes out from the topic (circle) inside the chalice (chalice=cup for containing liquids which means emotions) is a conclusion or information that is sent out with the arrowhead.