Will Smith: a holiday resort above Malibu

photo:Vanessa Lua license:ccbysa2.0
photo:Vanessa Lua license:ccbysa2.0

Astrology, People and Places: Will Smith`s holiday resort above Malibu

Will Smith`s house above Malibu is situated in the constellation of the emotional water sign Cancer with the highly dynamical fire sign Sagittarius. This is valid for morphogenetic field level 3 which describes how the place is embedded in the surrounding area. Radius level 3 should be applied here because the property is too large for radius level 4.


Astrological Birth Chart for Will Smith
Astrological Birth Chart for Will Smith

Birth Chart for Will Smith
25 September 1968, 1:46 a.m., Philadelphia, PA

A Retreat

Cancer stands for the 12th house in Will Smith`s birth chart, which is highly symptomatic of the homes of celebrities because it helps them to be and feel undisturbed from the public. The 12th house therefore rather supports for vacation, free space and relaxing than it it would stimulate the feelings of the routines and duties of working life. Apart from that the 12th house aspect can support spiritual self-experience, self-healing, letting go

From the Prince of Belair to the King of his own space

Sagittarius corresponds to the 5th house in Will`s chart indicating that he may decided for this place because it supports being in his, own space, feeling as the king in his own world, expressing personal emotions, living in the here and now,  free will, having fun, fertility and sexuality.

Altogether the constellation is almost archetypal for the ideal place for vacation and holidays.