Berlusconi and the Astrogeography of the Prime Minister`s Residence

photo: Giovanni Dall'Orto 2008
photo: Giovanni Dall’Orto 2008

Astrology, People and Politics: Berlusconi

The Palazzo Chigi at Piazza Colonna in Rome has since 1961 been the official residence of the Italian Council of Ministers and the Prime Minister. It was built in 1578-1587 and is named after a banker’s family.
The palazzo is located in the most dynamic constellation of the fire sign Sagittarius with the air sign Aquarius. This constellation is valid for astrogeography radius level 3 which shows how the site is embedded in the surrounding area. Sagittarius may be regarded here as an aspect indicating the influence of a caste of notables and civil servants. On the other hand Aquarius similar to the case of the official residence of the French President in Élysée-Palace may be seen here as an aspect of questioning the caste system and may stand symbolically for the institution of a republican state.
The presence of the star sign Aquarius could indicate a general willingness for changes, but this has apparently not had the effect of stabilizing the political leadership. The instability of governments in Italy has been traditional right from the first establishment of the office of a prime minister in 1861.

Silvio Berlusconi was born on 29/Sept/1936 at 05:40 in Milano with the Sun in Libra and Ascendant in Virgo. His first term as a Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi began on 05/10/1994. Meanwhile, he running his fourth term.
The astrogeographic position of Chigi Palace in the last degrees of Sagittarius stands for the 4th House in Berlusconi´s birth chart and could indicate that he has a particularly strong and through the presence of Sagittarius also highly patronized position.
Aquarius like in the case of Nicholas Sarkozy`s position in Elysee Palace stands for the 5th House in the birth chart of Silvio Berlusconi. In general, the comparison of Berlusconi and Sarkozy is obvious, since both have a nearly identical ascendant in the last degrees of the sign of Virgo.
The 5th house can be expected to support self-esteem, emotional expression, sexuality and joy of life and could be an indication of Berlusconi’s self-image of being an autocrat here.