astrology and astrogeography Klaus Wowereit as mayor of Berlin

Capricorn and Leo, Klaus Wowereit as the Mayor of Berlin

Capricorn and Leo, Klaus Wowereit as the Mayor of Berlin. Astrology & people: the astrogeographical relation of a mayor with his office

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The Red City Hall in Leo with Capricorn

The Rotes Ratthaus (Red City Hall) in Berlin is located in Leo with Capricorn
ph: Zairon, cco1.0

The Red City Hall (Rotes Rathaus) is the seat of the Governing Mayor of Berlin. The site of the town hall is situated in the astrogeographical combination of highly magnetic, centralistic fire sign Leo sign of the sun, light, heart, emotional self-expression and resonating sign for the red colour of the building with solid, conservative, traditionalistic, exclusive, strict earth sign Capricorn the sign of government institutions, stability, rules and regulations, control and administration. This resonance coordinates are valid for morphogenetic radius/field level 3, which shows how the place is embedded in the surrounding area.

Capricorn and Leo, Klaus Wowereit as the Mayor of Berlin

Astrology and astrogeography Klaus Wowereit as mayor of Berlin
Klaus Wowereit photo: Oliver Wolters license: ccsa3.0

Klaus Wowereit (born 1/Oct/1953, 0:40, Berlin with Ascendant in Leo) has since 16th June 2001 been and will most probably continue to be the Mayor of Berlin until 2016 with his office in the Red City Hall at Alexanderplatz.

astrology and astrogeography, Klaus Wowereitt birth chart and locational astrology chart

Leo, one coordinate of the place meets with the exact position of the ascendant in the birth chart of Klaus Wowereit and therefore has to be interpreted in relation to his first house. This constellation should give him a strong standing and it can be assumed that the site could encourage him to make independent decisions and get recognition for his person.
Capricorn stands for the sixth house in his birth chart forming a contrast to the apect of the first house in Leo because it indicates that Klaus Wowereit might feel as an employee or servant of the place and thus of his job as a Mayor. This aspect could help him to make reasonable decisions and save money while the city is facing an extremely difficult financial situation because of its being highly dependent on the federal government.
While the correspondence of the sixth house is an indication that Wowereit may see himself primarily as an employee and a servant of his office he might at the same time, and this is quite contradictory about this overall constellation, feel like residing here as the king of Berlin because of the position of Leo in the first house of his birth chart.