Sidney Opera House in astrogeography

Architecture & Astrology: Sidney Opera House in astrogeography

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Sidney Opera House in the combination of Aries with Aquarius:   photo:C. Mehlführer license:ccsa2.5

Sidney Opera House was built in the constellation of creative, innovative air sign Aquarius sign of inventions, mutations, self-finding and inspiration with dynamic, male fire sign Aries sign of ignition, action, speed, strength, warfare, sports. This combination is valid for astrogeographical radius/field level 3, which shows how the construction site on a small peninsula is embedded in the surrounding area in the harbour of Sidney. This highly dynamic astrogeographical combination stands for mutation, innovation and attempts to materialize ideals and inspiration. It stands for starting something new and for the focus on direct action and revolution.  In regard to the function as an opera house it indicates that experimental art and architecture have more importance here than the mere listening and reception of sound or music itself. In this sense the site does not indicate a concert hall in the sense of a place for listening or feeling the music in the first place but rather a site for inspiration. The constellation may rather support rythm and particularly the atmosphere of fire sign Aries could be to some extent in conflict with melody. No wonder that despite its name the building is a center for performances of all different kinds of arts. The building hosts 2 concert halls, 3 theatres and a couple of restaurants and bars. Before the beginning of construction work on the new opera house the construction site hosted a tram repair center.

The position in Aquarius is aymptomatic for peninsulae especially when they are long and narrow.  Examples: Cape of Good Hope,  Gibraltar.

The Bow of a Ship resembling the shape the elements of Sidney Opera House seen from Sydney Harbour photo: Bruce Tuten, ccbysa2.0
A ship`s nose resembling the shape of Sidney Opera House.  The roof elements of the opera house resemble a ship`s nose turned upside down. Looks like the architect is playing with these associations and impressions. Aquarius stands for turning things upside down here.  photo: Bruce Tuten, ccbysa2.0

The roof consists of white elements that can be seen as pieces of oyster (pointed form) or egg (white colour) like shells and possibly also a ship´s sails or even its nose. Because their form unlike shells or sails is pointed into the air in a curved way so that their shape is a bit bent and thus kind of overstyled, there could even be the association of beaks or claws. This male or as it is seen in feng shui agressive element of form where energy and awareness are concentrated towards the tips is to be considered as a typical feature of fire sign Aries. Among other aspects Aquarius stands for the prominent and “far out” position of the site on the tip of a peninsula that reaches out into the harbour. The association of the shape of the building with sails or tents would have to be seen as related to air sign Aquarius the sign of the wind and most important astogeographical indicator for sails as well as for tents.

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